WILD CARD FRIDAY 24 April 2015

Welcome to April's WILD CARD POST. On the 4th (and 5th) Friday of each month, I've ask a author friend to visit and share a post or something fun pertaining to their books. This month we have a post by James Callan, take it away James!




 In May, Over My Dead Body will be released.   It is the second Father Frank mystery.

When I wrote the first one, Cleansed by Fire, my wife complained that there was not enough romance in it.  I said, ‘It is a mystery, not a romance.’  She said, ‘Then why should I read it.”  So, the book went back on the drawing board (or version N+1 in the computer) and I introduced a little romance.  Not enough to suit her completely, but it was a start.

With the second in the series, I decided I’d better get some romance in it or my wife would not even proof read a copy before I sent it off.  I had started the young widow and the detective off in the first book.  If I carried it forward, they would be married before I got to the third book.

What to do?

In my workshops I always talk about the importance of conflict.  I hadn’t thought about including conflict in the romance part.  Again, my wife came to the rescue, or provided the enlightenment.  She handed me a romance book and said, “Read and learn.”

So, in Over My Dead Body, the two find a difference of opinion keeping them apart, or at least out of each other’s arms.  I think it worked well, and passed the first line of approval - my wife.

Of course, the mystery must go on. It is, after all, a murder mystery. The killer is still at large and that has to be resolved before the end of the book.  But the romance?  It doesn’t have to be totally resolved by the end of a mystery book.  The squabble that keeps them out of each other’s arms will have to be resolved one way or the other.  And the way it is resolved will tell us a lot about the two combatants, oops, I mean the two lovers.  The issue has slowed things down a bit and they will not be walking down the aisle in this book.  

While I write mystery and suspense books, I have found that reading some romance books has been very useful. It helps me understand the power of a romantic subplot. That allows me to add another dimension to the book.  It provides a sub plot that can be integrated in a natural way.  These characters have a real life not limited to solving a murder.  It provides a break from the drier “solving the crime” story. It makes the characters more real, and gives another opportunity to develop the four dimensional character. (The fourth dimension is change, the change that takes place in the characters over time.)  

So here I am, once again having to admit just how important my wife is in my life, and that includes my writing life.  Though she is not a writer, she has improved my writing.  Isn’t romance wonderful?

 A large corporation is taking land by eminent domain.  Syd Cranzler stands in its way, threatening a court battle. After a heated meeting with the corporation representative, Syd is found dead from an overdose of heart medication.  The police call it suicide. Case closed.

But Father Frank, Syd’s pastor, and Georgia Peitz, another member of the church, don’t believe Syd committed suicide and begin to look for clues of what really happened. Georgia’s push to reopen the case threatens her romance with the lead detective.

When the priest is attacked and later almost poisoned, the police are finally convinced to investigate further. Immediately, Father Frank becomes the target of rumors and speculation he might have had something to do with Syd’s death.

The more clues Father Frank and Georgia uncover, the more danger they find themselves in. Can they find the real killer before they become victims?  

After a successful career in mathematics and computer science, receiving grants from the National Science Foundation and NASA, and being listed in Who’s Who in Computer Science and Two Thousand Notable Americans, James R. Callan turned to his first love—writing.  He wrote a monthly column for a national magazine for two years. He has had four non-fiction books published.  He now concentrates on his favorite genre, mystery/suspense, with his sixth book releasing in 2015.



From Amazon bestselling author Sharon Srock comes the anticipated second novella in this series:

College student Scottlyn Rich has overcome tragedy--and moved on. She's about to celebrate her daughter's first birthday when she receives news that the young man who raped her has died in prison.

Grieving mother Penny Nelson believes there is only one way to assuage her grief--take the baby and raise her. After all, Mercie is all she has left of her son.

Scottlyn didn't draw the battle lines, but she's determined to defend what's hers. Can God find a way to bring peace to both women, or will someone end up begging for Mercie?




Some of you might take a look at that picture and say, "Well duh, it's a lilac bush, what's so awesome about that?"

I'll tell you.  We've lived in this house for fifteen years. About ten, maybe as much as twelve years ago, I bought a tiny lilac bush from a nursery and planted it next to the porch, by the front door. Not only do I love lilacs because they're purple, I love the fragrance. I had dreams of stepping out on the porch on misty spring mornings and inhaling the sweet scent. I imagined that sweet perfume filling my house from a vase on the kitchen table. NOT SO MUCH!!

This bush had delicate little flowers on it when I planted it. Those initial blooms were the only ones I've seen in all the intervening years.  I can't tell you the times I've mowed around it and thought about digging it up. What good was it anyway? But year after year, I just never got around to carrying out my destructive thoughts.

And then last Saturday I walked out my front door and there it was! Purple flowers. Not a bush full, but a half dozen clumps. Hey it's a start!

That bush made me think about how God must feel about me sometimes. He gives me good place to grow, plenty of water, and lots of sun. He has a plan for me just like I had a plan for the bush. How many times has He worked around me, stopped and shook His head, and wondered why I couldn't be what He wanted me to be. Make me grateful for His patience. Makes me want to try harder to bloom where He's planted me.

SO YOU WANT TO WRITE A BOOK... Getting to know you Friday--3 April 2015


Welcome to April and getting to know you Friday. On the first Friday of each month I want us to take the time to get to know each other a little better. I'll post something you might not know about me and ask you to share.

I decided to try something fun this week, but I'll warn you in advance, this experiment will fall flatter than a pancake if you all don't participate.

When I tell people that I'm an author, I hear a lot of them say, "I'd like to write a book someday."

Well, here is your chance.

 My blog is an open book for you guys this week to get creative.  I'm going to let you guys write the story.

I'll start you off with a sentence and I'd like for you guys to build on it in your comments. As you visit the blog you'll have to read all the other comments to see where they have taken our tale. You may visit more than once and leave more than one comment.

Here we go:

The thunder rattled the windows as Callie removed the last cheesecake from the oven. The power flickered and the lights went out. Something warm brushed Callie's bare ankle, causing...