WILD CARD FRIDAY 28 August 2015

Welcome to August's Wild Card Friday. On the fourth (and fifth) Fridays of every month I've invited one of my writer friends to share something fun and then tell you a bit about their work. This week Johnnie Alexander is here with a caption contest and info about her new release WHERE TREASURE HIDES.

Take it away Johnnie!

Charro, a rose-gray alpaca, cools off on a hot summer day.

She’s the snooty member of our herd and sometimes she likes to spit.

I’ll give away a copy of Where Treasure Hides to a randomly-drawn commenter. 

Artist Alison Schuyler spends her time working in her family’s renowned art gallery, determined to avoid the curse that has followed the Schuyler clan from the Netherlands to America and back again. She’s certain that true love will only lead to tragedy—that is, until a chance meeting at Waterloo station brings Ian Devlin into her life.

Drawn to the bold and compassionate British Army captain, Alison begins to question her fear of love as World War II breaks out, separating the two and drawing each into their own battles. While Ian fights for freedom on the battlefield, Alison works with the Dutch Underground to find a safe haven for Jewish children and priceless pieces of art alike. But safety is a luxury war does not allow.

As time, war, and human will struggle to keep them apart, will Alison and Ian have the faith to fight for their love, or is it their fate to be separated forever?

Johnnie Alexander writes inspiring stories that linger in the heart. Where Treasure Hides, her debut novel, won the ACFW Genesis Contest (2011) and Golden Leaf Award (2014). Her first contemporary romance, Where She Belongs (Misty Willow Series; Revell), and her first novella, “The Healing Promise” (Courageous Bride Collection; Barbour), release in 2016.

She also has won Best Novel and Best Writer awards (Florida Christian Writers Conferences), and Bronze Medalist (My Book Therapy Frasier Contest). She volunteers as a category coordinator for the ACFW Genesis Contest, judges various contests, and serves as marketing director for the MidSouth Christian Writers Conference.

A graduate of Rollins College (Orlando) with a Master of Liberal Studies degree, Johnnie treasures family memories, classic movies, road trips, and stacks of books. She lives in the Memphis area with a small herd of alpacas and Rugby, the princely papillon who trees raccoons.


  1. The only reason I haven't purchased this book already is that it was released right before August, my busiest month of the year. So now school is starting and my life gets a little more free. I can finally get to my must-reads! I'm looking forward to Johnnie's contemporary romance releasing in the winter, as well.

  2. I love the pic of the Alpaca cooling off. It's so cute! We used to drive past a farm that raised them and I remember seeing them often. And your book sounds great. I would love to read it. sonja dot Nishimoto at gmail dot com

  3. I've not had good experience with these critters! Love the pictures though..
    dkstevensneAToutlookD OtCo M

  4. Trosado, even though my kids are all adults now, I always enjoyed the newness of "going back to school" days. It seemed more like the start of a new year than New Year's Day. :)

    I hope you enjoy both stories--the tone is different since one is a historical and one is a contemporary so I'm a little anxious about what readers will think of my switch in genres. Thanks for being here!

  5. Hi, Sonja. We really enjoy the alpaca. Each one has his or her own personality. Charro is our snooty one!

  6. Hi, Deanna. I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience with alpacas. Did you get spat on? That's happened to me--wow, it smells awful! Glad you stopped by!

  7. Great pic, Johnnie - you win the animal-lovers' contest! And my caption:


    Looking forward to reading your novel SOON!

  8. I'm not very good at captioning pictures, but Charro looks comfy! I've only seen these critters from afar and have seen various clothing made from alpaca wool. Feels soft and warm!
    Your book "Where Treasure Hides" sounds good! I've seen an influx of WW2 fiction out there lately, a very historic period in our history. This one belongs on my want-to-read list! Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

    1. Not sure if you need this, but I'll include my email!

      teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Hi, Trixi. I'm not great at writing captions either, but you're right. She was comfy or she wouldn't have been laying like that. The fiber is wonderfully soft. The alpacas get shorn once a year which is always a fun time--lots of stinky spitting. LOL Thanks for adding Where Treasure Hides to your TBR list. I hope you love the story!

  9. Grey Alpaca, "Is it true if your feet are cool you feel cool? I'll test it out." The book cover is wonderful. Thanks for having the giveaway.


  10. Rose, I think you nailed it. On hot afternoons, I use the hose to "water" their legs. They love it and will push in front of each other to get sprayed. Thanks for the compliment on the book cover. The Tyndale designer is amazingly talented. I love it. Thanks!