Some of you might take a look at that picture and say, "Well duh, it's a lilac bush, what's so awesome about that?"

I'll tell you.  We've lived in this house for fifteen years. About ten, maybe as much as twelve years ago, I bought a tiny lilac bush from a nursery and planted it next to the porch, by the front door. Not only do I love lilacs because they're purple, I love the fragrance. I had dreams of stepping out on the porch on misty spring mornings and inhaling the sweet scent. I imagined that sweet perfume filling my house from a vase on the kitchen table. NOT SO MUCH!!

This bush had delicate little flowers on it when I planted it. Those initial blooms were the only ones I've seen in all the intervening years.  I can't tell you the times I've mowed around it and thought about digging it up. What good was it anyway? But year after year, I just never got around to carrying out my destructive thoughts.

And then last Saturday I walked out my front door and there it was! Purple flowers. Not a bush full, but a half dozen clumps. Hey it's a start!

That bush made me think about how God must feel about me sometimes. He gives me good place to grow, plenty of water, and lots of sun. He has a plan for me just like I had a plan for the bush. How many times has He worked around me, stopped and shook His head, and wondered why I couldn't be what He wanted me to be. Make me grateful for His patience. Makes me want to try harder to bloom where He's planted me.


  1. Sharon, I love this story. I have tulips just like your lilacs, those things came up each year, and nary a tulip! This morning I went outside and low and behold a tulip! Thanks for a little inspiration!

  2. I am deeply jealous of your lilacs. My overzealous husband dug all mine up and tried to convince me they were dead.

    On a serious note, I love your story and analogy. Even if my lilacs no longer bloom where they were planted. :-)