Welcome to December and getting to know you Friday. On the first Friday of each month I want us to take the time to get to know each other a little better. I'll post something you might not know about me and ask you to share.


This is my husband's Harley. He bought it in the spring and we've had several nice rides since then. I like to ride. I'll have to admit that my backside isn't quite up to lengthy trips yet, but for dinner out, I'm good. Until that fateful night, six weeks ago when a perfect ride turned painful.

We took the bike into town for dinner. Great meal, mild weather, beautiful sunset on the way home. We made it all the way back to the house, all the way to the front porch, actually, before things went wrong. Larry stopped to let me off so he could go park. I started the dismount I've done dozens of times and somewhere along the way I hung my foot up on something and overbalanced us. I went down, the bike went down, my husband went down. Ending score: Husband uninjured, bike uninjured, broken wrist. (both bones, does that make it count twice?)

They say diamonds are a girls best friend. In some cases that might be true, but let me tell you now, that evening, Morphine was doing it for me! I spent two weeks in this lovely splint, unable to move anything between my fingertips and my shoulder. Then came the wonderful day when I graduated to

 a lovely, purple short cast. Hello elbow and fingers, how I missed you!!  100% better, but still a prison for three weeks. On Monday the first of December, the cast came off.

I graduated from inconvenience to pain. I broke this same wrist in a skateboard accident in the 4th grade. I don't remember being so sore and stiff when the cast came off. I've been told we don't bounce so well once we get older, I guess that's true. 

It's still a bit swollen and sore, but I'm exercising it, working to get my muscle tone back. I don't remember having to do that in the 4th grade either.

So here's my getting to know you question for December. 

Have you ever hurt yourself doing something you enjoy?  

Share your answer if you can. While you're here don't forget to pop over to the Author Spotlight page. Elizabeth Maddrey is my guest and she's giving away a copy of LOVE DEFINED. 


  1. I was a tomboy and loved to climb trees. When I was 14, I fell out of a tree and straddled a barbed wire fence, leaving a a 24 inch laceration up my right leg.
    This was my last time in a tree.

  2. When I was 50 I tried to score from first base on a single to give our team the lead against our big rival. From the corner of my eye, I saw the relay reach the cut-off man as I rounded 3rd, so I slid head-first into home and tried to roll away from the tag that I was certain was coming. Rolled onto my right wrist and broke it. I didn't realize that the cut-off guy had bobbled the ball. I could have almost walked home, but instead I drove to the hospital with my first ever broken bone -- I guess noses don't count as bones. I broke mine 3 times, once in track.How do you break your nose in track? Don't ask.

  3. I am so sorry about your accident. My hubby and I were riding bicycles right after we got married. He rode close for a kiss, our wheels got tangled up, and I went down and broke my ankle. Boy, that was a kiss I never forgot!