Welcome to November and getting to know you Friday. On the first Friday of each month I want us to take the time to get to know each other a little better. I'll post something you might not know about me and ask you to share.

 When I was growing up my sister and I loved to play games. I can remember sitting in our bedroom floor as early as the second grade, playing hand after hand of Rummy.

Battle Ship


Connect Four


Wa Hoo



The list could take up the whole blog.  But our favorite game was Monopoly.

We would start a game on Friday night, play until bedtime, carefully put everything aside and pick it back up the next day.  Our game wasn't over until someone broke the bank. That was usually Sunday afternoon between church services.

I learned a lot about my sister during those marathon games. She cheats and she was a loan shark in a previous life!!

Those were the good old days.  I still love to play games, but you can't drag me to the table if Monopoly is involved.  I burned out all off my Park Place and Boardwalk circuits a long time ago. My favorites now are Chess, Boggle, and Risk.

So, did you play games with your siblings or friends when you were a child? What was your favorite?

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  1. In Jr High School I received OPERATION for Christmas but mom wouldn't let me take it to school because he was NAKED!

  2. Our current favorite board game is THE FARMING GAME. We're addicted. We have to set a time limit or we'd play all night. As it is, we set the limit for 9PM while playing with our brother, and didn't stop until 11:30PM. We would've kept going except none of us could keep our eyes open. Board games are a great way to stay close to family. Wonderful post, Sharon!

  3. My dad and I would play board games all the time and card games. Double solitaire was our favorite! I have to force my family to play these board games now. Thank you for the memories!

  4. I always loved board games but being an only child, I didn't always have a playing partner. Operation was my favorite and I loved making bugs with my Creepy Crawler maker.

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