Welcome to getting to know you Friday. On the First Friday of every month we'll take the chance to get better acquainted. I'll share something about me and hope you'll do likewise.

Our topic this week is Secret Desires.

I come from a very talented family. My sister is the master of every hand craft on the planet. She paints, she cross stitches, she quills, and she made beautiful sand art when it was the rage many years ago. I guess she's done it all over the last 30 years. I can't find my way to the front door of Hobby Lobby without getting sidetracked to the nearest book store. More than the simplest Bible school crafts are pretty lost as far as my abilities are concerned.  No real loss, that was never my desire.

My mom and grandmother were tied for the title of best cook on the planet. There was always something special waiting when you walked into their kitchens. Now, I'm no slouch in this area. I have my way with cookies and my cinnamon rolls are legendary around here, but I'll never come close to measuring up to their standards.

The one talent I always wanted, and never came close to owning, is singing. There are some talented singers in my family. The attached video is from the talent show my daughter, Amber took part in while we were on our Alaskan cruise a few months ago. She can really belt it out!  She did not get her ability from me.

Oh, I can belt it a car...on a long myself...with the windows rolled up. But in public, my most requested song is "On A Hill Faraway"!Makes me glad that God said to make a joyful noise, because when I sing...that's pretty much all there is.

So share. What's the one thing you wish you could do that you just can't?


  1. I wish I could type, not the 2 finger thing I taught myself.

  2. Play the piano ~ especially Clair de Lune! Love that. My father played it on his baby grand when I was a little girl. My older brother played piano by ear. My middle brother also musical with trumpet and bass. I tap danced in 2nd and 3rd grade until it was suggested I stop because the dishes in the corner cabinet jingled together. In sixth grade during a talent show, my pianist did not show up and I proceeded to dance with the music in my head. That must have been something to convey to the listeners. Bravery because I couldn't see beyond the first row with the lights. The song was "Nola" ~ where was YouTube when you needed it? lol, Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  3. I've always wanted to be graceful, an ice skater or a gymnast. That won't be happening here.

  4. I have always wished I could play a piano really good. But my left hand always wanted to do the same as the right one. But I love to listen to so many different people who play so beautiful and just wish I could do that. I loved to sing also Sharon, but I sang alto, so needed to be a Duet partner. I used to love to sing but through the years of having asthma, sinus, etc. my voice isn't as good as it used to be. but blessed with daughters and granddaughters who can sing wonderful. Bet GOD loves your singing. as it says make a joyful noise. We can do that. :) Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  5. Dance - I would love to be able to dance!