Pam's story has been available for two months now and she's getting rave reviews. Twenty-six reviews, all but one, five stars. Here's a bit of what people are saying about THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW: PAM:

"...the characters seem real. They have character flaws that come out through the story. These flaws drive much of the conflict. In addition there are scenes which show our church-going women are not perfect Christians, but human beings who sometimes need to be reminded on how they should behave."

" Sharon Srock has a way of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. I have read all of her Women of Valley View stories to date and have been thoroughly enraptured with each one. Ms. Srock takes a painful situation and turns it into a beautiful story of forgiveness."

"... a story...with a powerful message."

" Srock has a nice balance of humor, heartache and sibling rivalry to keep the book fun and light hearted, while at the same time, dealing with some very serious issues."

" From the first sentence, this novel of grace and mercy grabbed my attention and didn’t let go until the very end."

You can read more of the reviews form all three of the available VALLEY VIEW BOOKS, and purchase them from my AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

The manuscript has been at my publisher since Christmas. Revisions were asked for and delivered. The feed back I received was very positive. I'm looking forward to sharing good news where Sam's story is concerned shortly.

I'm just about 40,000 words into the 60,000 word first draft. My goal is to have the story to the publisher by Christmas.  Here's a scene from the 15th chapter.

The look in his eyes forced the breath from Kate’s lungs.
“I know you want to take things slow, but I’ve been thinking of kissing you all night...”
She stared up into his eyes. That’s makes two of us.
“May I?”
Kate couldn’t speak, she took a half step toward him, hoping he’d take that as encouragement.
Nicolas raised his eye brows, backed her up against the closed door, and lowered his forehead to hers. He smiled against her lips. “You’re a very special woman, Kate.” His lips came down on hers and all of the afternoon’s musing about what their first real kiss would be like fled her brain. He cupped her face in his hands, pressed in closer, and took a second plunge, Kate was grateful for the door at her back. Without that to lean on her liquefied knees would not have supported her. She circled her arms around his neck and abandoned herself to feelings she’d promised herself were a thing of the past.
An eternity…a second…later, he raised his head, released her face, and ran the tips of his fingers down the insides of her arms. They trailed down her sides, leaving fire in their wake, and finally came to rest at the small of her back. “Kate…” His sigh shuddered and he dipped his head for a quick peck against her lips. “I have to go.”
Kate nodded, continuing to use the door for support while she watched him get into his car. He raised his in farewell and she followed suit. His taillights disappeared around the corner and she opened the door. If her feet touched the floor on the way to her room she never knew it.

I don't write romance, so I'd love to know what you guys think.

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