Welcome to our first WILD CARD FRIDAY post. The fourth Friday of every month we'll welcome a guest author to the blog with something fun for you. A post, a devotion, a poem, a video, a picture to caption... FUN STUFF! And at the end of the post they will introduce you to their books.

Our first author is Karen Whiting. Karen submitted this picture for us to play with.


Let's take a  look at Karen's work:
 Love God, Love the Planet As you become an expert in all things green, Nature Girl offers fun ways to care for God’s creations while enjoying the wonders of nature! With activities, recipes, science experiments, and much more, you can discover how to create recycled jewelry, plan a spa day with friends, make your own earth-friendly skin care products, or team up to clean a park or a neighbor’s yard. Each chapter covers different topics, like water, air, energy, and recycling, and includes crafts, Scripture, games, quizzes, interviews with experts, and quotes from real girls like you. From the itty-bitty flowers at your feet to the air high above your head, discover how you can make a difference for our planet.
 Karen Whiting ( is an award winning author and international speaker who encourages children and their families to thrive.


  1. A caption? Imaginations start early.

    1. Mary, they have the most adorable looks on their faces. You don't see that look playing a video game!

    2. So very true, Sharon. Our grandchildren love it when we have boxes for them to play with, including making cubby houses, hiding in them and jumping up to "scare" us. And we do enjoy them using their imaginations for all kinds of things.!

  2. My husband, Ray, just told me his caption for the photo: "My Secret Castle". Our little ones really love Grandad' imagination!