I'm not a dog person. I'm not really a cat person either, but I've always thought if I was going to be either, I'd lean toward cats.

Please understand, I'd never be intentionally cruel to any animal, and I love puppies and kittens. Who doesn't? The soft, helpless bodies, the milk smell of baby breath. If they would just stay so small and sweet.

But they don't. They grow up to be demanding and smelly. Sort of like Kids and husbands! (SMILE)

Don't get me wrong, I was not a deprived child. I had pets when I was growing up, but they came and went, I don't remember ever really bonding with any of them. My daughters had dogs and cats as well, but the majority of them were outside pets and between day jobs, caring for the house and family, and taking every opportunity to sit in a quiet place with a good book, I wasn't much of an outdoor person, so again, I never bonded with any of these animals.

That all changed nine years ago when Sara came into our lives. My husband is a dog person, the proverbial little boy with his puppy. I've known him for almost twenty three years, He's never been with out dogs. Nothing makes him happier than to be met at his truck everyday by an adoring, wiggling, ball of fur. He coos, and pats, and scratches, and talks baby talk. I've tried meeting him at the door, panting, tail wagging, hands begging under my chin, I even barked. It got a laugh, I did not get baby talk!!

Nine years ago this month, we found ourselves completely petless. The man moped for five or six weeks like he'd lost his best friend. I guess in a way, he had. With enough being enough, I went on line and found Sara. She was Larry's dog, but she was the first dog I can say that I ever bonded with. 

Look at that smile. How could you not fall for that? Sara gave me a lot of great memories. We buried her in the backyard last Thursday night. She was nine years old.

She was a good dog and she has changed my whole viewpoint on the whole do dogs go to heaven question. If good dogs really do go to heaven, we'll see her again. For now, she's keeping company with our little grandson. I hope he throws the ball once for me.

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