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Callie, Terri, Pam, Karla, Samantha, and Kate.

The Women of Valley View.

Standing with, and for, each other through thick and thin. Praying, supporting, encouraging.

Friends like that are a blessing. I'm glad my women have each other. I'm glad that I have my own special circle of friends who support me in this writing journey. I'd like to introduce you to them. Any resemblance between my circle and the Valley View circle is completely coincidental!!

 Behind every good writer is a great critique partner, and I have the best.

When God placed Robin Patchen in my life, He did me the biggest favor ever. The women wouldn't be the women without Robin's steady insight and her bright red pen. Robin is an author in her own right with 2 Christmas novellas that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. You can find information about Robin's books HERE

Next we have Kaye and Emily Whiteman. Kaye is probably the only other human in the world who knows as much about THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW as Robin and I do. That's because she reads every version of every scene. She's a glutton for punishment and I don't know what Valley View would do without her continued support and prayers. Kaye is never more than an E-mail away and is never too busy to rejoice with me when the news is good, or comfort me when the news is not so good. Emily is Kaye's granddaughter and my go to person for all things teen.

Sandy Patten has been the recipient of more than one phone call in the middle of the day when things got tough. She never fails to have a word of encouragement. She calls me her "famous" friend. She makes me laugh!!

Teresa Talbott
Wanda Peters 
Anne Lee

Lynn Beck

Friends and readers. Prayer partners. New friends, old friends, practically lifetime friends. Unafraid to tell me the truth when something doesn't work, quick to offer praise when it all comes together. Always...always there with a word of encouragement. Valley View wouldn't be Valley View without these beautiful women. I want them to know how grateful, and blessed I am.

Last but not least we have little miss Callie. Not named after my character, but Mom read the book and liked the name. The rest is History.  (SMILE) Miss Callie had a death grip on the book, I think I can make a reader out of her!

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