Seven days and counting. I thought you might enjoy meeting four of the main characters in the story. And before you go, please see the important note at the bottom of the post. The women have a very important person they want you to meet.

Sharon: Pam, we’ve finally made it to your story. Was it hard to wait your turn?

Pam: Not really. This was a painful time in my life and as soul cleansing as the revelation of my secrets was, reliving it was difficult.

Sharon: Secrets? Would you like to share some of them here?

Pam: No, I bared my heart in the book, I won’t do that to myself a second time.

Sharon: Harrison Lake, Attorney at law, and long suffering second husband. Tell us how you met Pam.

Harrison: She came to my office looking for representation in her divorce. I fell in love with her before the paperwork was filed. Keeping my feelings to myself was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but she was a client first.

Sharon: So how did you feel when Alan Archer came back to town?

Harrison:  I know people who think the words “Christian” and “wimp” are synonymous.  They couldn’t be more wrong. When Alan walked into my office that first day, it took every bit of God’s strength not to punch him right in the face.

Sharon: OK…Alan what do you have to say in response to that?

Alan: I wasn’t looking to cause trouble. I was trying to do the right thing, in the right way.

Sharon: The right thing? Pam says you abused her. Did you expect to be welcomed back with open arms?

Alan: I haven’t always been a good man, especially where Pam is concerned, but God forgave me, I was hoping to find forgiveness of another kind.

Sharon: Kate, you’re the second wife. Were you aware of Alan’s abusive past when you married him? Did that concern you?

Kate: Alan was honest with me. He told me everything before he proposed. By then he’d recommitted his life to Christ and I could see the change in him. I knew that God had worked a miracle in his life.

Sharon: It takes an extraordinary woman to leave her home and familiar surroundings behind just to give her husband some closure with his ex-wife.

Kate: I don’t think I’m an extraordinary woman, just a woman of faith, trying to go where God leads.

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