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Sharon Srock has a way of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. I have read all of her Women of Valley View stories to date and have been thoroughly enraptured with each one. Ms. Srock takes a painful situation and turns it into a beautiful story of forgiveness. Twists and turns take the reader to unexpected places. Pam is simply lovely and oh, so powerful. I highly recommend this book as well as each of the Women of Valley View stories.
Mary Manners

 Sharon Srock has done it again with this book. What I love about these Valley View books is that the women depicted are all normal women. They're flawed and funny and angry and everything else you can think of. They're like the kinds of women I'd like to be friends with. Heck, they're like my own friends. And yet they do extraordinary things, and in this book, Pam does an amazing thing. All divorce is hard, but in this case, she has the right to be angry--and to stay angry forever. Watching Pam go from devastated to...well, I won't give it away, but let's just stay, it's a story you don't want to miss.
Robin Patchen

 Pam is book three of a series by Sharon Srock. I loved the story. The book kept me glued to it there was no putting it down. Wonderful characters. Pam is divorced. Her husband was abusive to her. After all the years together thinking they would always be together broke apart. It has been four years and Alan moves back to town with his new wife and with a health problem. Pam can't figure out why did he come back to town. It his really messing with her emotions and well being. What could he possibly want? She is happily married and has moved on with her life and her kids. Can she do the Christian thing and forgive him? I love the Christian values over tuff subjects that Sharon puts in her books. Warning have tissues. 5 Star book.

Diana Montgomery

 “Pam” is book three of The Women of Valley Series. Sharon Srock has written a beautiful story about family and learning to forgive. Remarried with a wonderful and caring husband, Pam still hasn’t gotten over the emotional abuse from her first husband, Alan. After learning that Alan is moving back to the community to be closer to their children and hoping to make amends with Pam, she is furious. This story is a prime example of how one needs to forgive in order to heal and lead a happy life. One must learn to move beyond the heartaches of the past and focus on the future.

This book tackles some pretty difficult issues and does so admirably. From marriage and commitment, to death and step-parenting we see it all from varying perspectives. I connected immediately with Pam because this was such a true to life story. This is a beautifully written story that I couldn’t wait to get back to each and every day. It is an emotionally charged story with complex and memorable characters. It is part of the series but it certainly can be read as a standalone.

I can't wait for Book 4 in the series, "Samantha," by this terrific author!

Karen Misiaszek

 Sharon, you have done it again, you never cease to amaze me with your stories and characters! Pam, #3, in the Women of Valley View collection, is no exception!
A story of commitment, feelings of failure, dedication to God and family, Pam has shown so much courage and strength battling the struggle of divorce, pain and raising her children on her own. She will teach all of us readers, young and elder, that in life there will be heartache, times in which you won't know how to handle a situation, and times you feel like you lost all hope. She shows us through her own struggles that if you lean on God, our Father, you will overcome, you will conquer, you will become stronger. I fell in love with her character and you will too.
Pam's story is not only emotional but inspiring. It shows you both sides of a failed commitment between loved ones. Alan, oh sweet Alan, I didn't like you at first, but through this story, you showed my heart how a betrayal can turn to love and forgiveness, all with the power of prayer and the guidance of following your heart with God by your side. You stole my heart sweet man!
Friends, you will treasure Pam, her family and their story as well as catch up on the characters from books #1 & #2, Callie & Terri. You will shed a tear often, you will laugh often, and you will very touched! Happy reading one of the best series in the world!
Thank you, Sharon, for another powerful novel!
Sharon Dean! 


Seven days and counting. I thought you might enjoy meeting four of the main characters in the story. And before you go, please see the important note at the bottom of the post. The women have a very important person they want you to meet.

Sharon: Pam, we’ve finally made it to your story. Was it hard to wait your turn?

Pam: Not really. This was a painful time in my life and as soul cleansing as the revelation of my secrets was, reliving it was difficult.

Sharon: Secrets? Would you like to share some of them here?

Pam: No, I bared my heart in the book, I won’t do that to myself a second time.

Sharon: Harrison Lake, Attorney at law, and long suffering second husband. Tell us how you met Pam.

Harrison: She came to my office looking for representation in her divorce. I fell in love with her before the paperwork was filed. Keeping my feelings to myself was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but she was a client first.

Sharon: So how did you feel when Alan Archer came back to town?

Harrison:  I know people who think the words “Christian” and “wimp” are synonymous.  They couldn’t be more wrong. When Alan walked into my office that first day, it took every bit of God’s strength not to punch him right in the face.

Sharon: OK…Alan what do you have to say in response to that?

Alan: I wasn’t looking to cause trouble. I was trying to do the right thing, in the right way.

Sharon: The right thing? Pam says you abused her. Did you expect to be welcomed back with open arms?

Alan: I haven’t always been a good man, especially where Pam is concerned, but God forgave me, I was hoping to find forgiveness of another kind.

Sharon: Kate, you’re the second wife. Were you aware of Alan’s abusive past when you married him? Did that concern you?

Kate: Alan was honest with me. He told me everything before he proposed. By then he’d recommitted his life to Christ and I could see the change in him. I knew that God had worked a miracle in his life.

Sharon: It takes an extraordinary woman to leave her home and familiar surroundings behind just to give her husband some closure with his ex-wife.

Kate: I don’t think I’m an extraordinary woman, just a woman of faith, trying to go where God leads.

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