Thirteen days...I'm pacing the floor like a nervous mother to be. I know I'm having a girl. Will she be happy? Will she be popular? Will she find the right path for her life?  Thirteen more days and we'll have those answers.

First a little business. We had a scavenger hunt last week and I offered 5 e-copies of Pam's story as prizes. Our winners are:
Barbara Thompson
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All have been notified. Thanks so much for participating in the first CAN hunt.

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I just finished reading Pam by Sharon Srock, the third book in the Women of Valley View series.  I couldn’t put it down.  Once I started it, I found every excuse I could to keep reading.  Have you ever had a friend where you couldn’t see each other for months and then when you do call or get together, you pick up right where you left off?  No awkward moments?  That’s what reading the Women of Valley View series is like.  Pam picks right up where Terri left off and all I can say is I’m glad I have three more books of this series to enjoy.  I won’t get sad until I’ve read the final page of the final book, and I’ll leave it up to Ms. Srock to figure out how to keep me involved in the friendship of these wonderful women. Until then, I can’t wait for Samantha, coming out next.  

Ms. Srock has a way of bringing authentic Christianity to life without it seeming preached or staged.  She shows real people in real situations, not always doing or saying the right things but having a heart that wants to please God. I guess that’s what appeals the most to me about this series.  The people aren’t perfect and I don’t have to be either.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all three books in this series, but Pam especially struck a chord with me, thinking about her long after I closed the book for the night.  Through this book, God spoke to me about an issue I thought I had resolved years ago and brought me to a deeper understanding of His will for my life.  I certainly wasn’t expecting an intimate conversation with God due to fictional characters, but that’s the power of inspirational fiction.  It’s much more than a great story. In addition, I was able to use the wise advice given to Samantha with my daughter who finds herself in a similar situation.  That advice may not be what is popular in today’s world, but at least Callie, Terri, Pam, and Karla have my back.  

I love how Ms. Srock is able to neatly wrap up loose ends with each storyline while at the same time leaving lots of areas open ended in order to continue our relationships in the lives of this community. Isn’t that just like real life?  One particular struggle or event ends only to be replaced with or have another continue in a natural rhythm.  I can’t wait to see how she weaves together the story of Patrick and integrates Kate into this close community.  

Samantha can’t come fast enough for me, but I will choose to be patient until it’s ready.  Thank you, Ms. Srock, for thoroughly entertaining me with great storylines while allowing me to be a part of this close knit community and grow closer to my Father, all at the same time. 
Thank you Cheri Swalwell!!

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