With out reading any further, how many of you know what this is?

I would have had no clue until last December when I won one at our office Dirty Santa party.

This is an Asian Durian fruit. Yes, I said fruit. Allow me to describe this item in a bit more detail. The one I received weighed in somewhere between 8 and 10 pounds. It was roughly the size of a soccer ball with needle sharp spikes all around. If you're familiar with medieval combat weapons, think of a mace, minus the chain, and you'd come pretty close to my Christmas gift.

The instructions that came with the fruit were sparse, but they were kind enough to caution me not to cut it open in my house since the durian is known to emit an odor so strong and disagreeable that they are banned from some hotels and airlines. (Thanks?)

Once I got the thing home I sat it on the porch, wondering what I was supposed to do with it. The skin...rind...hull(?) was so tough I didn't have a knife that would cut it and if I had such a knife, I'd end up tearing my hands apart on the spikes. My husband's power saw came to mind, but he was at work. I ended up hacking into it with a meat cleaver. After about a dozen whacks I managed to get deep enough to get into the meat of the fruit. A meat that was best described as mushy.

So far I was unimpressed with this smelly, DANGEROUS, fruit. Then I tasted it. Who knew that beneath the prickly, pungent skin lay pods filled with a creamy pulp with the delicately sweet flavor of cream cheese flavored custard? I instantly regretted destroying the thing trying to get into it.

God hid this wonderful treat in the most unlikely place I could ever imagine.

If this isn't proof enough of God's delightful sense of humor, let me share a few more things I learned about this fruit over the next couple of days.

It grows in trees, very tall trees, so when they fall to the ground, they come in heavy and fast, but not to worry...they are rumored to fall only during the night.  I don't think I'll be strolling through any durian groves, regardless of the time of day.

What piece of creation do you find God's humor displayed in?

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  1. In Nicaragua that have one fushia color that is 2 " big they call a baby pacifier, at least it translates to that. Peel it open and there is a white fruit the size of an eyeball!