When I was growing up, books were my favorite things and the library was my favorite place. Once I was older with my own money to spend, I found another favorite place. The used book store.

Wonder of wonders...these were books that I could keep! And it didn't take all of my allowance to buy enough gently treated books to entertain me for weeks at a time. I became a collector of series and/or favored authors.

I wanted to own one of these stores when I grew up. Seriously, I could sit on a stool behind a counter and people would bring books to me and I would have first shot at reading them before they went on the shelf, or I could keep them.  I could go there and lock the door and read all day if that was my desire. Could it possible get any better than that? As you can see...this dream was all about the books and not so much about making money.

Now I write, more than I read, and, most of the time when I read, it's on my Kindle. I had not been to my favorite used book store in years, but somewhere, in the back of my mind, the thought of ownership was still there.

Last week we redid the floors in our house. This job had me packing up boxes of books that hadn't been touched since I moved into the house 18 years ago. Most of them made the cut to go back on the shelves, but I had one good sized box of paperbacks that needed a home. After work on Monday I headed to my favorite used book store to donate this box of books. While I was there I planned to look for two sets of old books that I really wanted to re-read. I mean, I have empty shelf space now...

Words can't describe my surprise when I couldn't find the store. Oh, I know where it used to be, but it's not there anymore. Gone, vanished, closed, kaput.

Not to fear, I knew the location of two more, less frequented, stores...Also gone!

What is this world coming to when book stores are replaced by tattoo parlors, nail salons, and Chinese fast food?

I've outlived my dream!

Did you dream of owning a business when you "grew up"? Did you succeed?


  1. I have always loved old general stores and small, quaint grocery stores. I think owning a lovely little bookstore would be fabulous as well. Instead, I taught school for a period of time after my children were older and now, my time is my own. Who knows what I may do before it is all said and done.

    mauback55 at gmail dot com

  2. Much like you Sharon, I've always wanted a little used bookstore. One with a small coffee shop attached. There are a few here that I go to about once a month and one that I go to even more often which is our library. Lots of people donate their used books to the library and the funds go to support the library. I love that I don't have to wait for a big library sale to get a good deal on some great books. I also love that there are quite a few readers who drop off some great Christian fiction!
    Your post reminded me of a used bookstore I loved back in New Hampshire called The Local Bookie. I was pretty stoked to find that it is still around (of course I had to look before I finished typing).
    I still have hope for that bookstore dream. :)