We are still working to name my new character. The nomination period is over and now we need to vote for the winner. Here are your nine choices.

Sarah, a Counselor for women, Kate’s friend

Phyliss, new florist in town, a friend of Terri's.

Clarissa, a secretary at the clinic Callie manages, a friend of Callie's.

Tamara, works at Terri’s daycare. A friend of Terri's.

Sonata, musician, maybe church accompanist, friend of Pam’s.

Melanie, own  the new bakery in town.  Offer’s a "free cookie"day on Friday!

Ginny , a new second grade teacher at the elementary school. She is a friend of Terri's

Eliana - mother of a child Terri watches at her day care. Friend of Terri.

Jo, Child counselor, friend of Pam

Each of these names was submitted by a reader of the blog or a follower of my Facebook page. We need a clear winner by Friday. In the case of a tie, I will pick a random winner.

Please vote for your favorite in a comment.