Once I decided on my title for this week, I put a lot of thought into it. Every place I went, I looked for something I could compare it to, or something that might be more useless, but I couldn't find single thing as useless as the item pictured above.

Is there anyone here who does not know what this is? I didn't until four years ago when I bought a new SUV.

Pictured above is a low tire indicator, now a common thing on the dash of new cars. What is it supposed to do? Well, you would think, by the name, that it would tell you when you had a low tire, or worse, a flat. I'm sure that was the intent. In reality, all it does is frustrate drivers.

It's incredibly touchy. Temperature drops, light comes on. Temperature rises, light goes off..maybe. 9999 times out of 10,000 when this light comes on it does not indicate anything. My other complaint with this process is that on the rare time I really do have a low tire, it's a guessing game as to which one of the four is low. If they can make a light that knows the rear passenger side tire is low, then make it where it shows which tire is low. Give me an indicator with four little lights and light the one that applies to the affected tire. I mean really, do we need a woman to figure this out?

So my question to you this week is this. What's the most useless thing you can think of, or are you in agreement with me?


  1. I am in agreement with you, Sharon. Your title fits perfectly.

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  2. I agree. That sounds like the most frustrating thing ever. I also don't understand why they would put dvd hookups on the front of tvs. Whoever thought of that idea didn't have kids. Also, the vehicles that don't have keyholes on the passenger's side of them. Why not? Do you think nobody uses that side to get in? If I decide to come back to the car and wait, I have to unlock the driver's side, hit the unlock button, shut the door, walk around the car, open the door and get in. If it's raining, I'm drenched. Then it just defeats the whole purpose when my husband walks me to my door. We can't get in. He gets go around to unlock the doors first. Other things I've found out, if you don't have heat in your vehicle, it could be the antifreeze, and when your blinkers blink fast, it means one of the blinker lights has burned out. If the car knows that, why doesn't it just say so on the dash somewhere? I'm sure there are other things I'll think of later lol. Have a great day! Thanks for the great post!
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