Meet Kate, Title character of the 5th book, THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW: KATE

After pestering some friends with what ifs, mulling, thinking, and praying, I have Kate's story in my head now. First 100 words committed to paper. Not a lot, but it's a beginning!

In this story we need to introduce a new character for a recurring role. Female, mid thirties/forties, married. I'm going to let you guys name her, decide her occupation, and tell me who's friend she is. (Callie's, Terri's...any one of the women EXCEPT Sam or Iris) The only stipulation is that her occupation needs to be something that would put her into contact with one of the women.

So give it your best shot. I'll compile the answers from the blog and my Facebook page and we'll vote on the winner next week. Winner gets a copy of Kate's story and mention in the acknowledgements.

Leave your suggestions in a comment here or go on over to the face book page and comment on the announcement there.



  1. I choose the name Sarah. She is a Counselor for women.

  2. Oh, I like and the counselor thing would actually fit the story line.

  3. Tamara, a friend of Terri's goes to church with her & works at her daycare. Teresa T

  4. Another good idea. Thanks for sharing!