I started work this week on the 5th story in THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW series.

As of tonight THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW: KATE has 9 pages to her credit. (just 295 to go. SMILE)

I need you all to put your thinking caps on because Kate and I need your help before I go too much further.

I want to introduce a new character in Kate's story. Here's what I know about this un-named woman. She is in her mid thirties or early forties. Yep, her age is all I know.

Can you help me fill in the blanks? I'm asking my readers to name my new character, provide her occupation, and tell me who's friend she is.  We have 3 great choices so far, but I'd like some more before we take a vote on the 10th.

Here's what we currently have:

Sarah, a Counselor for women.

Phyliss, a friend of Terri's and a new florist in town.

Clarissa, a friend of Callie's who works as a secretary at the clinic Callie manages.

All great suggestions, but I'd love a couple more. Please leave your thought in a comment below. The winner of our little contest will get a copy of Kate's story when it publishes and a Thank You on the acknowledgement page for introducing us to a new character.


  1. Tamara, a friend of Terri's goes to church with Terri & works at her daycare.
    Can't wait to see how this story unfolds. Teresa T

  2. Sonata Gant, friend of Pam, musician, maybe church accompanist or children's choir director?

  3. I am going with Melanie Mason. She has just opened her own business, Mel's , her new bakery. To get things off to a good start and meet lots of people, Melanie will be having a "free cookie"day on Friday!

  4. Virginia "Ginny" who is a new second grade teacher at the elementary school. She is a friend of Terri's who just agreed to visit church with her.

  5. Eliana - Terri's friend. Either a foster mother of a child Terri watches at her day care or she works for the government, either with the food program or licensing bureau and checks on Terri to make sure she is staying compliant.

  6. Eliana - mother of a child Terri watches at her day care. Friend of Terri.