A widowed schoolteacher opens her home to a young rape victim who's determined to keep her child. 

Isn't that  a BEAUTIFUL COVER?

Several weeks ago I announced that I was working on a novella that would be a forever free download for all ebook applications. I wanted to update you on my progress with this project. 

The story is written and is currently with one of my critique partners. Once I have it back, it'll get a bit of polish and go off to a free lance editor for an indepth spit and shine.  

I anticipate a release sometime before the end of January, I'll keep you all informed.

In the meantime, how about a short excerpt?

The subconscious mind is often a malicious practical joker.
I love you. Diana Kensington smiled at the tender words, heard as clearly as if Chuck lay next to her in their queen-sized bed. Her eyelids fluttered in that elusive moment between awake and asleep. She stretched, turned, and reached out for…
Cruel realities slammed Diana back into the mattress, wrenching her out of her dream world and back into the four hundred and thirty ninth day of her own personal nightmare. She jerked upright with a sob, grabbed the pillow covered in Chuck’s favorite t-shirt, and buried her face in the soft fabric. She breathed deep, searching for her husband’s comforting scent.
Not there…not…A second sob pierced the pre-dawn gloom…here.  
Kicking free of the tangled covers, she rolled from the bed, and lunged for the chest of drawers in the corner of the room. Her hands fumbled in the semi-darkness, knocking things to the floor in a desperate hunt for Chuck’s bottle of cologne. There. She grabbed it up and triggered the spray, releasing the spicy fragrance into the air before returning to the bed to give the pillow a liberal coating. Sitting, Diana clasped the pillow to her chest and rocked. How many times have I done this in the last…she struggled for a measure of months or weeks and couldn’t do the math. Days she could do, a staggering number of days since Chuck’s lips brushed her cheek for the last time in an early morning kiss good bye.


  1. Sounds really good!!! I'll be anxiously waiting to read the book! Teresa T

  2. Hope to have it in everyone's hand by the end of the month.