The Christmas Light
A light has dawned in the sight of men
And in the heavens a star
Wise men seek and shepherds keep
The Savior from afar.
He came as a humble little child
Born to set men free
And from the cradle to the cross
He calls for you and me.
So come and seek the Savior Child
Who came down from above
And receive His grace and mercy new
Born of the Father’s love.
Rev. Michael Duncan

Christian author and pastor, Michael Duncan has served the Lord and the church for nearly 25 years preaching and teaching God's Word. He has shared God’s message across the U.S. and beyond and is currently the pastor of his church, co-host and Bible commentator on the Alive in Christ radio network and has authored or co-authored five books, both fiction and non-fiction. He serves on the executive board of the Northwest Baptist Convention and is a former board member of the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association. Given the opportunity, he may be found on the golf course!

You can learn more about Michael, his ministry and his books on his web site:  http://www.michael-duncan.net


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem of our Chirst's birth

    Merry Christmas!

    Blessing are wished for you


  2. Just read this poem, very good!
    Teresa T