Terri sat in Dr. Rayburn’s waiting room surrounded on all sides by the haves and the have nots. Mothers with brand new babies mingled with ladies in waiting. The have nots ohhed and awed over the new, while the haves shared stories of midnight feedings, doubled laundry, inept husbands, and bodies that refused to return to normal. The have nots took it all in with rounded eyes and murmured words of support. Who was kidding who?

Terri looked up when Callie called her name from the staging room door. She took a deep breath, levered her seven month belly out of the too soft chair, and waddled across the rom. She stopped at the door and motioned to the room full of women. “That’s quite a game they’ve got going on in there.”

Callie looked over Terri’s shoulder. “A game?”

“Yeah. All those new mommies cuddling their precious new babies, trying to tell us to take advantage of this time while we have it. How we won’t have a minute to ourselves once the baby gets here. How there’s no time for rest much less the exercise needed to get our bodies back into shape.” She took a seat next to the counter. “Do they expect us to buy into that?  I mean…I just heard one woman telling another about going out to the store for the first time, alone, and her husband called her to ask if the diaper tabs go in the front or the back. I guess they’re trying to make our wait seem easier.  It isn’t working!”

Callie chuckled as she fastened the blood pressure cuff around Terri’s upper arm. “Sweetheart, you’ve been pregnant too long.”

Terri leaned back in the chair with her eyes closed as the cuff inflated and then deflated.  When Callie removed it she placed her hands on the sides of her swollen belly and rubbed. “Agreed. I’ve waited my whole life for this. I intend to enjoy every moment of being pregnant, fat, and tired, but no one can convince me that this is better than holding the finished product in my arms.” She looked down. “I already love this little person so much.”  Two quick kicks acknowledged her words. Terri’s eyes filled with tears. “Oh baby…”

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