Karla placed the cake plate on the table in front of Terri and handed her a knife. “You do the honors.”
Terri groaned, covered her eyes with the splayed fingers of one hand, and studied the chocolate monstrosity through the cracks. “Are you deliberately trying to kill me?”
She lowered a hand and waved at the dessert. Even uncut she could see three shades of chocolate. “That.” Terri’s mouth watered. “Oh my gosh!”
“No, It’s your birthday, you requested chocolate, so…”
“Actually my birthday isn’t for a couple of weeks.” Terri leaned forward, as far forward as her thirty two week belly would allow. “And I asked before my stomach had stretched so much that there are whole patches of skin I can’t even feel. I swear the numbers on the scale are going to read tilt before I have this baby.”
Callie laughed. “Quit complaining and serve up that cake. I see your weight every time you come into the office and you’re right on target. If you weren’t gaining four to five pounds a month right now I’d be worried.”
Terri cut four pieces of cake and handed plates around the table. “Really?”
“Yes, that baby will be here in six weeks or so. Junior’s in a growth spurt right now, so feel free to enjoy your dessert without the guilt topping.”
Pam returned to the table with a fresh pot of coffee. She scooted into her seat next to Terri and gave the impressive baby bump a quick pat. “Blimp factor aside, how are you feeling?”
Terri sat back in the chair and rubbed her belly with both hands. “My ankles are swollen, The stretch marks on my stomach look like a map of bad country roads, I’ve outgrown every bra I own, the ache in my back can only be outdone by the constant heartburn, and I have to pee every thirty minutes.” The smile on her face belied her weary sigh. “And I love this little person more than I ever thought I could love anyone.” She looked at her three friends in turn. “I think we’re good.”
She forked up a piece of the rich cheese cake, put it in her mouth, and allowed it to sit on her tongue for a few seconds before she swallowed it. I’m glad a chocolate high is legal. “Karla, this is heavenly.” Her pronouncement was met with two sharp kicks beneath her rib cage. “And junior agrees!” Oh, Baby!

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