Terri pulled the tank top over her rounded belly. She yanked it back up and stared at the thin, red vertical line running  length of her taut skin. A stretch mark? She abandoned her exercise plans and rushed for the lotion and the book. She sat on the bed and rubbed lotion into the skin of her belly with one hand while flipping pages of the book with the other.
“Twenty-four weeks…Twenty-four weeks. Here we go.”  Terri sat straighter and giggled as the baby’s foot connected with her bladder. “Easy there, Sport.” She continued to rub until the movement subsided. It was an amazing thing that she could comfort her baby before it even got here.
“OK, let’s see.” She read out loud. “Your baby at twenty four weeks. Baby should weigh in at about twenty two ounces and  be almost a foot long.” Terri frowned down at her belly. “Skinny Minnie you. If you only weigh twenty two ounces, how is that I’ve gained eight pounds and have my first stretch mark?”  She continued to skim the page. “…the top of your uterus has risen above your belly button and is now about the size of a soccer ball.” She stood and returned to the mirror and viewed the mound of stomach in profile.
“A soccer ball, huh?”  Terri molded her hands around her abdomen. “Yep, thats about the size of it.” She poked at her distended belly button. “I have a soccer ball and a stem.”  She picked up her iPod. Two sets of ear buds dangled from the machine, one white and one green.
 “These,” she said as she attached the green ones to the underside of her belly, “are called belly buds.” Once the tank was adjusted she clipped the iPod to the strap. “Now when we go for our walks, we can listen to the same music.” Terri turned on the music and adjusted the sound. Praise music from Casting Crowns poured through at a comfortable level. She looked down at her shirt as the baby did a soft flip. “Like that, do you? Oh, Baby!”

***My apologies for not posting this for you guys last week. I'm working, frantically, to get book four written and the days just got away from me. The good news? We're just 5000 words from THE END!!! Pray for me if you think of it. I always want the words to be His.***
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