Terri tapped her foot and paged through a dog eared magazine. She looked at the clock on the wall and then her watch. Come on already!! She glanced around the room from under her lashes. The room was packed with women in all stages of pregnancy, sprinkled here and there with new mothers rocking their babies. It gave her a moment of satisfaction to, finally, be counted among their number. Her deep breath reminded her of her next errand. She needed clothes. The jeans she had on were her “fat day” jeans and they were barely buttoned. She wasn’t complaining.
At last! She scrambled from her chair and approached the staging room. Callie stood in the doorway. Terri raised her brows.  “Hey there, doing double duty today?”
Callie grinned. “Just for you. I’m almost as anxious for this as you are.”
“Not even possible.” Terri submitted to the routine blood pressure, weight check, and temperature taking. She remained convinced that this part of the appointment was a conspiracy by the medical community to make already hormonal women crazy. Gratitude infused her as she followed Callie back to the exam room.
Callie patted the table. “Hop up there, raise your shirt, and unsnap your jeans.  Dr. Rayburn should be right here.”
Terri obeyed her friend, situating herself on the table, belly bared.
Callie patted the gently rounded mound of Terri’s tummy, rubbing the red indention left by the jeans. “Time to fix that.”
“Next on the list.” She grabbed Callie’s hand as a knock sounded on the door. “Stay with me?”
Callie squeezed her hand. “Of course. Nervous?”
‘No, just…excited.” She shrugged at Callie expression. “Maybe a little nervous.”
Both women were silent as Dr. Rayburn prepared the Doppler. Terri cringed as he applied the cold gel and began to move the machine in small circles across her belly. She held her breath. Please be there.
The room filled with a gentle swishing, finally growing louder when Dr. Rayburn pressed the Doppler low on her belly and held it in place.
 Tears of wonder filled Terri's eyes. It was the sweetest sound she'd ever heard.She looked over at Callie, unsurprised to see the sheen of tears there as well. The music of her baby’s heartbeat continued to fill the room.  Terri closed her eyes and let it sink in. Oh, Baby!!!

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