OH, BABY! 20 weeks

Terri grinned as a sudden gust of wind molded her flowing shirt around the baby bump that was quickly becoming a baby belly. She sat in the porch swing while her friends pulled chairs into a loose circle. The swing rocked, and she gave an extra shove to set it more firmly in motion. The summer breeze carried the scents of fresh cut grass, roses blooming on the trellis, and, from somewhere up the street, grilled burgers. She tilted her head back and took in a deep breath of summer while her hands circled the growing mound of baby growing under her heart. Twenty weeks and counting.

“That’s a picture perfect moment of contentment.”

Terri straightened at Pam’s comment, grinning at the three smiles pointed her way. “There just aren’t words.”

Karla handed Terri a piece of cheesecake and took her seat. “For?”

“For this whole experience. I know you guys have all been through it, more than once, but I can’t imagine anything being quite this special ever again. Every day I find a new feeling or emotion.” She studied her friends as her hands went back to her stomach. “Every day, I just love this little person inside of me so much more than the day before.” Her voice cracked as her eyes filled tears. She waved a hand in front of her face. “Never mind me, I’m hormonal.” She grinned through the tears. “Isn’t it great?”

Callie chucked. “You waited a long time for this. It’s only right that you enjoy every moment.”

Terri scooped a bite of cake onto her fork and lifted it in a salute to her friend’s words. She brought it to her mouth and froze in mid motion. Her startled, indrawn breath brought three pair of eyes her way.

“What?” Karla asked.

Terri lowered the fork and sat very still, not sure she’d actually felt what she hoped she’d felt. “Shhh…wait for it.” She focused all her senses and held her breath. There…as light as butterfly wings…as insistent as popcorn popping inside a bag. Joy exploded in her heart with the first physical flutters of her baby’s presence. Her hands returned to her swollen middle as her eyes grew misty again. “Oh, baby!!”

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