Terri sucked in a surprised breath and squeezed her husband’s hand as Dr. Rayburn squirted icy cold gel onto her belly. “Geeze…”
Dr. Rayburn smiled. “Sorry.”
Callie stood on the other side of the table. Terri glared at her. “Why is everything in this office so dang cold?”
“It’s a conspiracy.”
“Umm. I…”  Whatever Terri had been about to say died as a loud whooshing noise filled the room. She smiled up into the blue eyes of her husband. “Listen.”
He leaned down and placed a quick kiss on her mouth.
 “Listen to our baby.” Terri whispered against his lips.
“That’s a good, strong heartbeat.” Dr. Rayburn handed the Doppler to Callie and made some notes in the chart before reaching for a second piece of equipment.
Terri studied the ultrasound transducer. It looked like a fat, rounded ice scraper. It was the first piece of equipment in this office that was actually warm.
“You guys sure about this?” Dr. Rayburn asked.
Terri looked to her husband for confirmation and nodded her head. “We want to see, but we don’t want to know what it is. Will that be a problem?”
The old doctor shook his head. “Hard to tell what you’re seeing in these things if you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’ll note the sex in your chart just in case you change your mind later.” He tapped the monitor on a roll away table beside him. “Here we go. Watch the screen.”
Terri studied the shifting images that played across the screen as the doctor moved the transducer around on her abdomen. High, low, side to side. The screen remained a blur.
Dr. Rayburn frowned. “He, and I use that term for lack of anything better, is playing hide and seek with us.”
The seconds ticked away and suddenly the images on the screen came into sharp focus.
“Here we are.” Dr. Rayburn held the machine steady and called out some measurements to Callie who made notes in Terri’s chart. He smiled at Terri and pointed to the screen. “There’s your baby’s head. See that little bump? That’s a nose.” He traced a line with his finger tip. “Spine.” The finger continued around and up. “And a foot.”
Terri watched in wonder as her baby shifted in movements she still couldn’t feel.  Something different blurred onto the screen. “What’s that?”
Dr. Rayburn grinned. “A hand. You’re being waved at.”
Terri looked up at her husband. The awe on his face perfectly matched the feeling in her heart. She turned back to the screen and watched for a few more seconds. “Oh baby…”

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  1. WOW! This is an exciting time for Terri. Didn't have this when I was expecting my children. And, no knowing what GOD was sending until they arrived. Thanks. MAXIE

    1. Maxie, a lot has changed sine we had children.

  2. I also never had ultrasound and wanted to be surprised. Of course, ultrasound was only done back then if they suspected something wrong. love to win your book. sharon, ca

    1. Sharon, I'll put you in the drawing for Linda's book. Thanks for your visit.

  3. I'm happy for Terri. I feel like I know her, and that's because if how well you portrayed her!

  4. I would like to win Linda's "A Baby in His Arms." Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House