Pam took a sip of her morning coffee, blinked sleep from her eyes, and tried to focus on the list of Monday errands attached to the fridge. Her brow wrinkled as she struggled to read the combination of her own hand writing mixed with that of her children.
Pick Harrison’s business cards up from the print shop
Get Megan’s formal from the dry cleaners
Nail appointment at 1:00
Drop off books at the library
Return movies
Stop by pet supply store for live crickets for Spot
Shop for bake sale
Take tax form to accountant’s office
Fill up the car
Her shoulders slumped as she removed the paper from its perch. The list would keep her on the road all day. Sunshine, filtered through the slats of the kitchen blinds and made bright stripes on her kitchen floor. She crossed the room, threw open the back door, and took a step out onto the back deck. Birdsong filled the air, butterflies danced around her flowers, and the very slightest of breezes lifted the hair on her neck. Pam took a deep breath, drawing in the scent of honeysuckle and the neighbor’s fresh cut grass. A perfect spring day.
Pam stared at the list. Would the world really grind to a halt, if none of these things got done today? She chewed her lip and reconsidered.
Pick Harrison’s business cards up from the print shop—Wife task. Harrison could get these on his way home. Had, in fact offered to do so. She’d let him.
Get Megan’s formal from the dry cleaners—The Junior High prom was still two weeks away. They wouldn’t trash the dress if she waited to pick it up. Megan would whine. Megan could learn to deal.
Nail appointment at 1:00—She looked at the nail she’d broken on Saturday. A little time with a file would get her by for a day or two. She’d call and reschedule for a lunch time appointment later in the week
Drop off books at the library—A phone call would get the due date extended
Return movies—Three movies, six dollars in late fees. Not enough to derail her day.
Stop by pet supply store for live crickets for Spot—Not just YUCK, but NO. If Jeremy wanted live crickets for his pet lizard’s dinner, he could get the creepy crawlers himself.
Shop for bake sale—She knew for a fact that there were brownie mixes in the pantry. Not the home baked treat she’d planned, but no promises of home baked had been made.
Take tax form to accountant’s office—Bet they have a fax machine.
Fill up the car—If I stay home, I won’t need gas.
Ten minutes, three phone calls, and a fax later her once busy day stretched before her, free and transformed by pleasant possibilities. Should she play in her flower garden, read a book, go back to bed…? Pam put the brakes on her runaway train of thought. What good did it do to exchange one list for another? She might very well do all of those things, but first she’d just sit here on the deck, sip a fresh cup of coffee, listen to the birds, and smell the honeysuckle.

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