Late. Never had that word held a positive meaning for Terri, until today. She studied the test and the instructions that came with it. She wasn’t good at tests. She wasn’t good at patience. The combination of the two would probably kill her. Her eyes  focused on the instructions. At least it was, sort of, an open book test. Whispered words filled the room as she read. “For best results administer test first thing in the morning.” She dropped everything and took a step back. Maybe I should just call Callie.
She raked her short black hair away from her face and studied the image in the mirror. Excitement and hesitation stared back at her.
Do it! The reflection urged.  
She argued instead. “What if it’s false?”
 Will you be any worse off than you are now?
“Or worse, what if I get a false positive and I tell everyone…?” Her brow furrowed in indecision.  
Terri shrugged at the accusation, accepting the self assessment.
 Her internal voice demanded action. Call Callie and get an appointment with Dr. Rayburn or take the test, but do something.
A deep breath filled the room as she screwed up her courage and ripped open the package. Her heart fluttered in anticipation as she completed the steps involved in the test. This would be the longest two minutes of her life. She paced and tried to ignore the creeping second hand of her watch.
Thirty seconds? 
“Dear lord!” It was half prayer, half frustration.
 Terri fled to the bedroom. A basket of unfolded towels rested on the bed. She folded exactly two before she found herself back at the sink, staring at the test.  For just a second, she couldn’t breathe. She closed her eyes, cracked one open, and looked at the results again. Her hands shook as she pressed them to her belly. 
“Oh, baby!”

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  1. You've got me. I want to read this story!!!

    1. Tonja, I so hope you get the chance to read both of the available books in THE WOMEN OF VALLEY VIEW SERIES. Thanks for taking the time to visit.