It's mother's day and I want to share a very special person with you. This is my mother-in-law, Ruby Srock, 97 years young this coming July. Look at her, still spry.

Ninety-seven years old. Let's just round that up to a 100, she won't mind.

Ruby was born in 1917. World War I was still being fought and if you wanted to mail a letter, a stamp would cost you 2 cents, at least until November of that year when the price increased to 3 cents. (GASP!) 

Charlie Chaplin was the star of the cinema and the music of the day was Jazz.

Most private homes didn't have indoor plumbing, electricity was still a luxury, and while people might have heard of a telephone, very few had actually used one.

One hundred years. Can you imagine what her life must have been like as a young child in the roaring twenties, a teen during the depression, a new bride & young mother during World War II? 

She has outlived all of her siblings, her husband, and two of her children. And although she is beginning to lose some of her mental acuity, but she can still tell some amazing stories. Her life, and the world around her, has been an ongoing science fiction to fact explosion. I’ll bet you could list 20 techie things you use every day that Ruby marveled at. Dreams of men that became a reality.

One hundred years. That’s the kind of number that makes you think. What do you consider the most amazing thing to come out of the last 100 years?

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