Mine, All Mine

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Pam turned onto her side, burrowed deeper into the sheets, and pretended sleep without a trace of guilt. The scent of fresh coffee drifted under the door to tickle her nose but failed to budge her from her nest. Sounds filtered up the stairs as well. The Monday morning quota of squabbles from Jeremy and Megan as they located books and backpacks neglected over the weekend. Plumbing hummed, cabinet doors creaked open and banged shut, dishes clattered into the sink, followed by a muffled but authoritative command from Harrison. A smile twitched at Pam’s lips. Even with her eyes closed, the door latched, and a flight of stairs between her and her family, Pam could trace their movements with perfect accuracy. The front door opened, the alarm beeped, the bickering faded, the door slammed shut, and…silence. 

Her eyes snapped open and a full smile bloomed in anticipation. She whipped the comforter to the side and scrambled to her feet. Eight hours and counting. Pam bundled herself into her favorite winter robe, slipped her feet into cozy slippers, and followed the promise of coffee down the carpeted steps. Cup in hand, a chocolate cookies wrapped in a napkin, she meandered into the living room, snagging necessities along the way. She deposited her breakfast, kindle, phone, and the remote on the small table next to her recliner. Last night’s fire smoldered in the fireplace. Pam stirred the embers to life and added a new log, satisfied when it began to pop and snap in the glowing ashes.

Pam snuggled into her chair, engulfed by the solitude of the empty house. She kicked the foot rest up and retrieved her coffee. The clock on the mantle chimed the half hour. Seven and a half hours before chaos returned to her home. In the meantime the house…and the remote were all hers. She debated, TV or time spent with a good book. No contest, she decided and flipped open her kindle. Later, an NCIS rerun, or two, and maybe a nap. She settled into her story while the peace and quiet of her day off stretched ahead, long and lazy. Mine, all mine.

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