Words of Wisdom From the Women of Valley View

The women and I have a few words of wisdom for you this week:

   Nobody does art quite like God!

When I'm feeling lost and whiny, this is right where I want to be.


Never take a Christian spouse for granted. Not everyone is so blessed!


What you see on the surface of a situation is often outweighed by what you don’t see.

Find a blessing in something that might otherwise annoy you.

These last words of wisdom are all mine. I sit in an office every day surrounded by men who act like this, pretty much all day long. I'm working on Samantha's story with 3 Point of View characters that are male. Today, I started taking notes. This is good stuff and all the research I need!--Sharon

I'd love it if you shared a word of Wisdom with us in the comments section.

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  1. Find a blessing in something that might otherwise annoy you...exactly! Living in the same house with 3 grandsons--ages 11-16--this could be my motto! Thanks for sharing.