Samantha Evans shaded her eyes against the strobe light of the lowering sun as it flashed between the trees along the road home. She squinted through the windshield. When had the colors gone from twenty shades of green to the jeweled tones of fall?  Orange faded to yellow. Burgundy bled into deep purples. Here and there the stubborn green held it's ground. She shrugged. It was just one of those things that happened so gradually, you didn’t notice ‘til it was done.
She slipped on her sunglasses and considered. Her life was a lot like those trees. So many little changes over the last few months, tiny shifts, small ripples, all coming together to make huge changes in her life and the future of the people she loved.
Being “found” by God when she’d never realized she was lost. Being accepted  into a circle of women as friend  instead of child. Learning to trust, learning to forgive. Moving from high school to college. Reclaiming the privilege of being  a big sister to Iris and, finally,  a mother to Bobbie. She bit her lip. Having her father back in her life. A smile twitched at her lips. She might give her dad a hard time on occasion, but, for the most part, she didn’t mind having him around. 

Yep, she was a lot like those trees. The green of summer had been pleasant, but the beauty of fall, in all its multicolored glory was where she was thankful to be right now.

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