Sharon here, wrestling control of the blog this week away from the women, to share some special memories of my Thanksgiving trip to Missouri.

I started to change the names to protect the innocent, but decided, what the heck, it's all fun, and some things are funnier than fiction.

This is my grandson Derrick and his bride of 5 months, Kyia. They kept me company on the drive Tuesday evening.  Our weekend tale starts bright and early Wednesday morning with a trip to deliver these two precious people to her mother's place of employment to pick up "mom's" car so that they would have wheels for the weekend.

Kyia motioned Derrick over to a parked car and went in to let her mother know they were there. Derrick stows their luggage in the back seat and gets in the car. Kyia comes out and climbs into the driver's seat and the hunt for the keys (her mom told her they were under the seat) ensues. 

I'm watching this from my car since I didn't want to leave them until I am sure they are good to go.

The kids check under the seats, in the glove box, in the console, behind the visor, no keys. Suddenly my grandson puts his head in his hands and shakes his head. They have loaded into the WRONG car. Out they come, and Kyia, being the diligent soul that she is, flips the locks as she closes the door--heaven forbid someone else should climb into this unlocked car--locking in their luggage.

Search for the owner progresses, netting at least one wrong owner before the correct one was found. Glad she had a sense of humor. What makes this a real head scratcher is the fact that that the "wrong" car was purple and Kyia's mom drives a red car.

On to Thanksgiving day:

This is "Bubbie". Bubbie is 6 months old. Bubbie now has chest hair courtesy of Derrick and Cody. They thought Bubbie needed some help picking up girls during the feast. I'd say Bubbie looks pretty proud of the addition.

Friday night is "Game night" for my clan. A tradition started a few years ago when the grandchildren grew into a tribe (for the Missouri gathering we are talking 9 grandchildren with spouses and/or friends) I couldn't afford to feed at a nice restaurant. We  play games and pig out on Pizza and other snacks to till the wee hours. This year, the expected attendance for game night was about 30 people so we moved it to the church gym. A great idea except that it allowed the creative minds of my grandson's free reign. 

Have you ever played a card game called spoon? A little like musical chairs. Players sit in a circle and in the middle there are spoons, 1 less than the number of players. Cards are passed around the circle until someone gets 4 of a kind. He grabs a spoon, the others follow and the person without a spoon is eliminated from play. It's a lot of fun, and pretty safe...until you're in a gym and someone decides to put the spoons at the other end of the playing field. 
This is Chase. The shiner is a direct result of a head to head collision with Derrick in the first rush for a spoon. Derrick came out completely unscathed, validation of the hard head we've always accused him of having. Brotherly advice was to tell everyone he received the black eye while defending his girlfriend's honor...

This is my eldest daughter, Amber. The mother of Derrick, Cody, and Chase. (Yes, she actually claims them on most days.) I'm posting this picture because I wanted you to see the face that goes with the voice. I got to hear Amber's Christmas special at church yesterday. I can't carry a tune in a sealed tupperware bowl, but Amber is blessed with a beautiful voice that she uses for the Lord. What a lovely song and wonderful way to end the weekend.

WAIT, there's more. I took Derrick and Kyia back to Tulsa on my way home. Dropped them of, asked the both, more than once if they were sure they had everything. I received hugs and assurances that they did have all of their belongings. I got home, an additional 100 miles, unloaded the car and found Derrick's ONLY winter coat....

Head banging on the computer.

What's your most treasured Thanksgiving 2012 memory?

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  1. This is hilarious! It makes my own weekend seem boring in comparison. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family. Poor Chase. He's going to have to come up with a better story than, "my brother headbutted me grabbing a spoon."

    1. Robin, there was more, but I was afraid people would think I was making it up....

  2. Yeah, she totally left out the "dancing dodge ball game" and the concert that Noah put on for us with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, where he forgot the words and transitioned into the ABC'S. Or how about the wresteling match between Sharon and Derrick as he tried to make her say he was the winner, which btw she never did. Or how about the "Boot Scootin' Boogie" wake up call each morning? The list goes on and on, but I promise, there wasn't a dull moment!

    1. I didn't have picture proof for those things. Let's just say after 5 days of family fun, it was almost a relief to wake up in a quiet house this morning.

  3. This is fantastic and I love how you put a humorous spin on those crazy holiday event strikes! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Valerie, some days you just don't know what to expect from my gang.

  4. Oh this is so great, Sharon. Thank you so much for sharing your Thanksgiving memories.
    It sounds like so much fun. Thank you so much.
    I was kind of away from some of my family this year and a bit sad. Yet,what you've shared blesses me and brings me such joy.

    1. Rebecca, I'm so sorry you couldn't be with your family this year, glad you enjoyed the short visit with mine.