It Could Never Happen Here

     Pam looked up as thunderous feet pounded down the stairs.
     Jeremy and Megan bolted in to the living room, breath huffing, eyes round. “Mom. Turn on the news!”
     Pam gave her son the stern mommy stare. “Jeremy, I host our Bible study one night a month. Is it too much to ask for you guys to respect that?”
     Her son shook his head, shoved his way between Callie and Karla, and reached over Terri for the remote.
     “Jeremy. What…?”
     “Sorry, but this is important.”
      The forty eight inch flat screen in the corner of the room flared to life. Pam narrowed her eyes at her son’s unusually rude behavior. What’s up with this child? “Jeremy?”
      Jeremy didn’t respond. Instead, he manipulated the remote like the man in training he was.
     “Twelve people were killed tonight and fifty more wounded…”
       The news anchor’s words brought a hush to the room as a dozen pieces of cheese cake were laid aside and a dozen pair of eyes focused on the screen.
      “Facts are sketchy at this hour, but information from our reporter on the scene of the shooting indicates that a lone gunman opened fire in a crowded theater this evening, killing twelve and injuring fifty more…”
       Pam moved to stand next to her son. She slipped an arm around his shoulders and squeezed.
       Jeremy looked up with a frown embedded between his eyes. “Mom…how? I mean…these people were just out for a fun night. They didn’t do anything to this guy…”
        Pam rested her head against her son’s forehead. Small town born and raised, sheltered environment, computer savvy, but a “G” rated gamer, not a news hound. Her fourteen-year-old son was having his own personal wake up moment. She could actually feel a bit of his innocence slipping away and knew it would be gone forever.
         She held out a hand to her daughter and one by one the other ladies in the room joined hands to form a circle. “Mute the sound, sweetheart. We need to have prayer for the families.”
          Jeremy nodded and complied with her request. “I’m so glad that something like that could never happen here…”

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  1. It's so hard to come to grips with the evil things that happen. My son is four, and we're already grappling with how to explain "bad things" to him. I read a Mister Rogers quote where he said that when he was a boy asking those same questions, his mother told him to look for the helpers, because in every tragedy/disaster, there are people working to help others. I liked that. I think I'll use that with my little boy, too.

    1. Patty, I don't know how much US news you see. This was inspired by an incident that happened Thursday night when a gunman opened fire in a crowded theater. You always think you're safe.

  2. That's a great discussion to bring before God and mature lovers-of-God in our lives. It's so sad when we feel that so-fragile innocence slip away in our children's lives. Thank you, Sharon.


    1. Chana, Some days I feel the last of my own innocence slipping away. So much happening that my mind can't wrap itself around.

  3. Doesn't your heart just break? Great post, Sharon - blessings to you!!!!!

    1. Marianne, glad you enjoyed it. Is "enjoy" even the right word in this case?

  4. Just heartbreaking. You did a very good job of dealing with a terrible subject.

    1. Marcy, thanks for your visit and your comment. I hope your visit again. Wouls you consider joining the blog? I've registered your name for the book.