Getting Away From It All

Terri divided up the remaining Key lime cheesecake while Callie poured fresh coffee into four cups and passed it around.
She held a slice of the light green dessert under her nose and inhaled. “This makes me think of palm trees and tropical islands.” She passed the plate to Karla. “Everything reminds me of a tropical island these days. I have vacation fever.”
Pam forked up a bite of her dessert. “So go. What’s stopping you?”
Terri leaned her chin on her fist and faced her three friends. “Indecision mostly. Planning is half the fun for me, but every time I start looking at options, I just get overwhelmed. Where would you go if you wanted to get away from everyone for a week?”
“That’s easy,” Callie said. “Cozumel. You saw the pictures from our trip. You have to see that water in person to appreciate the color. And the people? Beyond friendly. Sandy beaches, ocean breezes, and just-right temps. Rent a small place on the beach and go lay in a hammock for a week. You’ll love it.”

Karla shook her head. “I swear Callie, you’re Island happy. You don’t have to leave the country to get away from it all.” She looked at Terri. “I have one word for you. Mountains. Clean air, wild life, and solitude that will give a new meaning to getting away. Besides, you can drive from here. The Rockies, the Smokies…pick a direction. Eight hours and you’re there with a suitcase full of books that you didn’t have to pay to transport.”

Terri chucked and looked at Pam. “Are you going to be the deciding vote here or point me in a third direction?”
Pam sat back and sipped her coffee. Her brown eyes went dreamy with memory. “I think the best trip I ever took was to this little cottage snugged down in a valley next to a river…”
Terri groaned at the third suggestion.
“It was beautiful,” Pam continued. “Brilliant sunrises, the music of the river running fifty feet from the porch. There was this doe and her fawns that came to drink every morning. I almost had them eating out of my hand before the week was over.”

Terri sat back, crossed her arms, and stared from one face to the other. The beach, the mountains, or the valley. “Thanks guys, you certainly cleared that up for me.”

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