Samantha and Iris

Samantha’s eyes ran with tears. She clutched a picture of her mother in one hand, with her other she held onto the hand of her nine-year-old sister Iris. What happened now? The picture trembled in her hand, the image shimmered as if in a liquid mirror, like the one in the fairy tale Mom used to read at bedtime. The voice came to her from a long distance away.
“Is there someone we can call for you?”
Her attention slowly refocused on the figure crouched beside her knee. Sam let go of Iris’s hand to swipe at the moisture on her face. Iris doubled over next to her, racked by silent sobs.  Sam pulled her closer and met the eyes of the police woman. The pity she saw in the woman’s face was almost more than Sam could bear.
Sam sniffed. “I’m sorry, what?”
The woman’s voice was gentle as she repeated her question. “Is there someone we can call for you? A friend, pastor, relative. We have to make sure there’s an adult here with you before we leave, someone to take care of you.”
Sixteen-year-old Samantha Evans looked around the room. Someone to take care of them. Her fingers tightened on the frame. That was Mom’s job, there wasn’t anyone else.
She looked at the picture.
Mom’s dead?
Why couldn’t she think? She needed to think. Things would be up to her now.
Sam tried to answer, couldn’t. She cleared her throat. “Helen. Helen Cooper.” She recited the number for Mom’s best friend from memory, buried her face in Iris’s hair, and surrendered to tears of despair.
The officer stood and took a couple of steps away as she placed the call. Steps away but the room still echoed with her words as she spoke into the phone. “Is this Helen Cooper? There’s been an accident…”
***Two more new characters this week. I hope I've peeked your curiosity. I'm trying something different for these little entries. I'm using a writing prompt, a few words, maybe a whole sentence to get started. Can you spot it? If you think you know what it is, leave your guess in a comment and I'll let you know if you're right. It will also enter you to win my copy of Wedding Belles by Janice Hanna Thompson.
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