Meet Steve Evans

Steve Evans juggled the box and fumbled the key. He shoved through the door of his Chicago apartment, kicking the door closed  impatiently. Once inside the spacious living area he dropped the box on the sofa. Anticipation made him feel like a nervous bride. Well, maybe not a bride but that was the only other person he could think of that would share this sense of expectancy. So much hinged on the success of this project.
He tried to slide his fingers under the sturdy brown packing tape to no avail. The shipping company had the box secured like Fort Knox. Old habit drove Steve’s hand to his pants pocket to retrieve his grandfather’s pocket knife, remembering too late that he’d traded it for a fix years ago.
Scissors. He looked around the room, tapping an irritated hand on his thigh? Did he own a pair of scissors? Junk drawer. His search came up empty. The butcher block knife rack on the cabinet caught his eye. Steve yanked out a wicked looking chef’s knife and turned to attack the box. Tape, paper, and bubble wrap flew around him, finally revealing his goal.
Twelve neatly stacked author’s copies of his book stared up at him from the depths of the box. Steve’s hands shook as he removed one from the top of the stack. An impossible dream come true. A means to an end. An answer to his prayers. The beginning of his journey. He sank to the sofa beside the box and bowed his head over the shiny cover. Thank you, Jesus.

This week I introduce you to a new character. Hopefully he won't remain a mystery man for long.
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  1. What a great character, and what depth you give in such a short peek! I love it!