All in a Day's Work Part 8

Sally blew her nose. “I thought I was having some hormonal, pre-menopausal…thing. I never dreamed I could be pregnant. I tried for two years before I was able to get pregnant on purpose…” She stopped for a second, eyes staring off into space. “We were just together one time. We were out of town for his daughter’s wedding. Everything was so romantic. Things just got a little too… involved…we both knew it was a mistake. We promised we weren’t going to put ourselves in a position like that ever again. What am I going to tell Jason?” Her voice shrank to a whisper. “What am I going to tell Derrick?”
“You’re going to Derrick that he’s going to be a big brother,” Callie answered. “As for Jason, are you guys serious about each other?”
Sally nodded, “We’ve talked about getting married, but I wanted my attention focused on Derrick this summer. He’s going out of state for school in the fall…” she stopped as fresh tears fell.
“Sally, stop it,” Callie told her firmly. “This isn’t doing anyone any good and it’s not fixing things.
“I want you to get dressed, go home, and have a nice long soak in lots of bubbles. That’s not going to fix anything either, but it’ll calm your nerves.” She stopped and took her friend’s hand. “You don’t have to tell anyone about this today, so take some time. Let yourself adjust to the idea. It’s going to be alright.”
Callie waited until Sally looked up. “You’re having a baby. I know the circumstances could be better and you have some tough, embarrassing moments to face over the next few days, but it’s a miracle, Sally, not a tragedy.”
Sally straightened at Callie’s gentle rebuke. She tucked the sheet securely under her arms, molding the sheet to her belly, staring at her still flat midsection. “Maybe it’ll be a little girl,” she said softly. Callie heard the beginnings of acceptance in her friend’s voice.
Callie smiled, “How nice would that be? Are you going to be alright now?”
Sally nodded, rubbing her hand absently over her stomach.
“Good,” she said, handing Sally the last of the candy bar. “Finish this,” Callie advised with a smile. “After all, you’re eating for two now.”

***What do you think of Callie’s advice to Sally? Would you have handled it differently?***

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