All in a Day's Work Part 7

Callie sat at her desk at the end of an equally busy day. She glanced at the clock. Nearly four, she thought gratefully. A quick knock on the door frame drew her attention.
“Callie, could you go back to treatment room four and talk to Ms. Raynes?”
“Sally? Sure, what’s up?”
“She’s a friend of yours, isn’t she?”
Callie nodded.
“She’s upset with my diagnosis. I thought you might be able to calm her down a little.”
 Callie’s hand flew to her heart. “Oh, Norman, what…” she began. The doctor cut her off with a weary wave of his hand.
“She’s pregnant,” he provided. “She’s nearly hysterical and wants to know how this could have happened.” He shook his head. “I told her there really is just one way.”
Callie stopped in the doorway, crossed her arms, and shook her head at the doctor. “Norman, some days you have the bedside manner of a toad.” She went back to her desk, rummaging for a spare candy bar.
The doctor’s stare was skeptical. “My honesty makes me a toad and you’re going to cure her ills with chocolate?”
“God’s ultimate female comfort food,” Callie muttered. She gave a quick knock on the treatment room door and shoved it open.
She stopped in the doorway to look at the woman sitting on the exam table, still wrapped in a sheet. Her eyes were closed, but that couldn’t stop the tears streaking down her cheeks. Sally rocked back and forth, arms wrapped around her middle. Callie grabbed a handful of tissues from the counter and pressed them into her friend’s hand. “Sally.”
“Callie, he says…”
“I know.” She peeled back the wrapper on the chocolate bar and handed a square to her friend.
Sally put the candy in her mouth automatically. Callie was silent while the chocolate melted in her friend’s mouth. When Sally spoke again her voice was calmer but still breathless.
“Callie, I’m forty, single, and pregnant.” She stopped when her voice broke a second time. Callie passed her some more chocolate and waited. “I have a son getting ready to go to college. How did this happen?”
At Callie’s cocked head and raised eyebrows Sally stopped and took a couple more deep breaths. “I mean, I know how it happened, but…how did this happen?” she repeated with a sob.
Callie leaned back against the counter and waited for the crying jag to pass. A few more tissues a bit more chocolate and there was finally silence in the exam room.
“A little better now?” Callie finally asked.
Sally nodded.
“You want to talk about it?”
***Bless Callie's heart. Her job sure does put her in some difficult situations, but she uses those as a ministry.  What's the toughest thing you ever helped a friend deal with?***
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  1. What a heartwarming scene. The world surely needs more Christian woman like this one!

    1. She does what she can. SOmetimes it fets her in trouble.

  2. Sharon, I admire how you incorporate humor and poignancy simultaneously. Nice job! It makes the reader connect with her characters, for sure.

  3. Thanks Elaine. I like to think that they're just regular people.