A Garfield Christmas, part 2 Pam

How did you lose a three foot reptile? Pam shook her head as she restacked the Christmas gifts under the tree. “Jeremy, he’s not hiding under the tree.”
“Thanks, Mom. I’ll keep looking.”
“Yes, you will.” Goose bumps marched across the bare flesh of Pam’s arms. There was a slithering creature loose in her house. She shuddered. It could be worse, they could have agreed to Jeremy’s plea for a snake. Pam took a deep breath. Okay, not a snake, thank God, an iguana. A cold, scaly, beady eyed, bad tempered snake with legs.
Her son reappeared, dropping small pieces of romaine lettuce on the carpet in a trail from the kitchen to the empty terrarium in the corner of the enclosed back porch. Lizard central due to the direct sunlight the room received. Jeremy looked up and intercepted his mother’s frown. “Bait. Spot has to be hungry by now. Maybe I can lure him back to his cage.”
“You think he’s just going to climb back in?”
“He climbed out.”
“I live in a zoo,” she muttered. Two dogs in the back yard, a newly acquired cat, an FFA project in the form of a goat, and a lizard. The animals outnumbered the people, especially if you counted the dozen or so fish swimming in the aquarium. Were fish animals? How had this happened?
Pam faced her son with her sternest expression. “I’m going to bed. You will find that creature before you come upstairs. When Harrison gets home tomorrow night we’ll discuss Spot’s living arrangements.”
Jeremy crossed his arms and jutted his chin. “Yes Ma’am.”
She ran her fingers through her hair as she climbed the stairs. Before heading to her own room, Pam stopped to knock on her daughter’s door. “Megan?”
Pam heard the sound of something heavy sliding on the carpet behind the door. Said door opened just an inch.
“You barricaded the door?”
“Barricaded and towels stuffed under the crack. After a complete and thorough search, I can report that Jeremy’s missing beast is not in here and I intend to keep it that way. Reddy and want nothing to do with the slimy little nuisance.”
“He’s not slimy, just scaly.” Pam corrected.
“Okay.” Pam kissed her finger and touched it to her daughter’s nose. “Sleep well.” The door closed without further word and she laughed when she heard dragging noises again. “I really don’t think he would have climbed the stairs.”
She turned to her own room. The thought of spending another night alone made her shoulders slump, and it had nothing to do with the missing lizard. Harrison was hunting and would be back from his week in the woods tomorrow. Pam missed her husband. She changed into a sleep shirt, turned out the lights, and crossed the dark room.  Leading with her hands she pulled down the comforter and slid between the cool sheets. The nest of pillows at the top of the bed scattered as she tossed to make herself comfortable. Her out flung arm came into contact with cold scales. A pounding heart propelled her from the bed. Mystery solved.  “JEREMY!”
***This short post was taken from a personal memory. Yes, I found a pet lizard in my bed one winter night. What's the most surprising thing you ever encountered in a dark room.? Post your answer, or leave a comment over on Terri's page regarding the interview with Deb Raney and I'll register you to win a copy of Deb's book, Forever After. Be sure to leave a name and E-mail address so I can contact you if you win. If you enjoyed your visit, please consider becoming a member.***

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