Pam, Part two

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Pam leaned against the wall while her husband worked to replace the screening in the patio door. “Rufus has to go.”
“Hon, you know that’ll ruin Jeremy’s grade.”
“So he says, but I’m more concerned with what the goat is doing to our home.” She stopped to hand him the screwdriver that had rolled just beyond his reach.
Harrison used the blade of the tool to press the mesh into the groove of the screen’s frame. “Rufus is just a baby—”
“That’s my point. If he’s this much trouble at six-months-old, what are we going to do with him when he’s full grown?” Harrison continued to work and Pam knew by his silence that the battle was lost long before he replied.
He stood and, using force and his weight, wedged the repaired frame back into the slots that held it. He slid the screen back forth a few times. “There you go, good as new.” When Pam simply stared at him he continued. “I’ll talk to Jeremy after dinner. We’ll fence off a portion of the yard and confine your nemesis to his own space. Will that work for you?
“We should have done that from the start.” Pam took a few steps forward, put her arms around Harrison’s waist, and tucked her hands into the back pockets of his jeans. How did I get so lucky? “We don’t deserve you, you know?”
Harrison placed a kiss on the top of her head, and slipped his hands into Pam’s back pockets. “How do you figure that?”
“You’re so good to us. My own personal hero and a champion to the kids—”
 “Awww…go on.” He chuckled when she didn’t continue. “No, really. Go on.”
Pam pinched his butt through the fabric of his jeans. “I think that’s enough ego stroking for one day.”
Harrison spread his fingers and pulled her closer.  “I double dog dare you to do that again.”
Pam snuggled against him and grinned at the lines that formed between his eyes as her husband’s expression changed from teasing to something more serious. She tilted her head back and wet her lips. “Kiss me.”
He bent to accommodate her request. His hands moved up her back and around to frame her face. His lips were insistent against hers. He pulled back just enough to whisper against her mouth. “Come upstairs with me.”
Pam stood on her tip toes and drew him into a second kiss.  The fingers still buried in his pockets flexed to deliver two sharp pinches. She danced away with a mischievous laugh and sprinted for the stairs. “Sissy.” His first grabbed missed her by centimeters as she gained two steps on him. He caught up with her just as she stepped through the door of their bedroom. They faced each other across the expanse of polished wood floor, both breathless from the race up the stairs. Pam’s heart quickened at the look of intent on Harrison’s face as he nudged the door closed, turned the lock, and reached for the top button on his shirt. His voice was husky when he spoke. “You lose.”
Hers was just as husky when she replied. “Oh really? Feels like winning to me.”

***Here's my question. Did this scene go too far for you? Pam and Harrison have a healthy, married relationship. Is this an acceptable scene under those circumstances? If your answer is no, why not?  Please use the comment button below and leave your thoughts. (The word "comment" right under this post is the button.) Also, don't forget to stop by Terri's page while you're here. There's a new interview with Gina Holmes and a chance to win her book "Dry as Rain". It's a great book. Leave a comment, get registered!***


  1. I enjoyed reading this and I don't think you went too far this this scene.

  2. Not too far at all! I think it was well-written and very tastefully done. Healthy couples I know do tease like that, and I think it's a outstanding way of depicting the state and nature of a couple's relationship that they can tease and incite each other (in a GOOD way) like that. Very nicely done! :-)