I’ve wrestled control away from the women this week and using the blog for my own purposes. I want to give Thanks for the chance to follow a dream.
I’m waiting on news that could change my life. I wanted to say, from this place of limbo, before I get my news, good or bad, that I’m thankful to have had the last three years.
Writers amaze me, they always have. We have brilliant doctors and lawyers in this word, financial wizards that understand things I’ll never grasp, they went to school for those things and they learned them well, they have my admiration, but writers…
To string letters into words and words into scenes and scenes into stories with the ability to transport you to another place or time, to allow you to see and smell something never physically experienced. You can hone that talent in the class room, but the writing, that’s a gift. Before I can call myself a writer I wanted to give thanks to the many writers in my life who have managed to take me places, allowed me to dream, and offered an escape in times of stress.
All the way from the authors of my childhood, Beloved, often read books like Tom Sawyer, Harriet the Spy, The Velvet Room, Tomas Takes Charge, to the Trixie Beldon-Nancy Drew series books, followed by people like Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart to today’s John Grisham, Nora Roberts, Irene Hannon, and so many more.
Thank you. Thank you for using the gift God gave you to bring me happiness in an often unhappy world.
Besides writing and learning the craft, there are two other benefits to this journey that I want to give thanks for today.
I have found a whole new level of friendship over the last few years. Ladies I’ve known for decades have become my readers and my strongest supporters. If it was in their power to publish my stories I would have been published long before now, long before I was ready. They prayed for me, they believed in me, they held my hand when I didn’t deserve to have it held. I won’t publish their names, they know who they are and I hope this makes them smile.
Then I’ve been privileged to meet writers. Real, honest to God, published writers. My heros! The first meeting I attended of our local American Christian Fiction Writers group, I was in awe. These people were living my dream and they had time to talk to me… a wanna be? I recognized a couple of the names in the room that day and could barely look them in the eye. I was unworthy. I laugh at that now, they would too if they knew, cause now I know they’re just people like me. I hope, soon, I can be a writer like them.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. This is just great. You have the talent you know. Just sayin....