Meet Pam

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Let's meet Pam Jones:

“Rufus, stop! Jeremy, get in here, now!” Pam sank to her knees on the carpeted floor, hands outstretched, watching helplessly as her spreadsheet disappeared an inch at a time. She made a conscious effort to gentle her voice. “Rufus, come here boy.” The goat took a single step towards her.
“What?” Jeremy hustled into the room and skidded to a stop next to Pam. Startled, the goat bounded through yesterday’s hole in the patio screen. The last hour of Pam’s work went with him. She dropped her head into her hands.
“Jeremy, that goat is one breath away from being a gyro sandwich.”
Her son looked at the hole in the screen. “I already gave Dad my allowance to replace the screen--”
“I’m not worried about the screen. Well, I am, but,” She motioned to the coffee table and the paperwork spread across it. “He ate my spreadsheet.”
Jeremy snickered. “It’s a good thing Dad’s your boss. No one else would buy that excuse. Sounds sort of like ‘the dog ate my homework’.”
Pam got to her feet and stared down her fourteen-year-old son. “You think this is funny?”
“Well…” Jeremy studied his mother’s face and apparently thought better about any flip comment he’d been about to make. “No Ma’am.”
She returned to her desk. “The goat has got to go.”
“No buts. I’ll put an add on Craig’s list. We’ll find him a good home.”
“It’ll cost me my grade for the whole year.”
Pam shook her head. What had possessed her and Harrison to allow this child to bring a barnyard animal into their lives? Sure, he’d been cute at twelve inches tall, all soft and dependant with those big eyes and spindly legs, drinking from a bottle, and sleeping in a box of hey on the back porch. The box was their first mistake. The stupid goat thought he was a dog. The whole family had doted on Rufus for the first few weeks. Then he grew horns and an appetite. Never had she seen a more stubborn animal. Stubborn animal. She thought of her first husband. “Does your father have a fenced back yard?”
“Mom.” Jeremy rolled his eyes. “I can’t have an FFA project a hundred miles away.”
Worth a shot. Pam turned back to the computer to begin the work of recreating the spreadsheet that Rufus had enjoyed for lunch. “We’ll talk about it when Harrison gets home from the hardware store. In the meantime put Rufus in the garage. I don’t think there’s anything in there he can eat or break through.”
“I can take him up to my room—“
“Jeremy Alan Archer. Has that goat been up stairs?”
Her son tucked his hands in his pockets and ducked his head. “Just a time or two…”
“Out.” Pam ordered her son. “No wonder he busted through the screen when you came in yesterday. You’ve corrupted that poor animal.”
To be continued...
***Rufus is based on a real animal in my life. My stepson lives across the street and has a goat names Steve. Steve's been in my house and the little building my ome business is based out of. Steve has eaten my paperwork on at least one occasion. Steve thinks he's a dog.  We'd love to hear about the interesting anilmal in your life.***


  1. I'd be a little shook up if a goat got in my house. You're a good sport!

  2. Having had a goat in the house myself, I don't see the problem. But then, our house tends to be a zoo. *G*

    The interesting animal that sticks out most in my mind at the moment is a German shepherd I had years ago that took great pleasure one day in silently stalking and then scaring the tar out of a group of teenage boys. The look on her face when one of them climbed a phone booth was priceless. I love a dog with a sense of humor. LOL