Karla part 2

     Karla unwrapped her hamburger. “Yep. That yard is her pride and joy. She said the kid that gave her lawn its final fall trim, a couple of weeks ago, missed some spots. I don’t know why she didn’t just call Mitch.”
     “Bless her heart. She’s used to doing for herself. This has to be very difficult for her.”
     “I know, Callie, but she’s ninety-three years old.” Karla took a bite of her burger, obviously taking some time to regroup. “She’s been blessed with such good health.  It’s only been the last couple of years that she’s been forced to slow down. We had this conversation with her the last time she tried to use the weed eater. She dropped it, and then lost her balance when she stooped to pick it up. She had to crawl to a tree to help herself up off the ground.” Karla rested her chin on her fisted hand. “I swear the Blacks have an extra marker in their DNA for stubbornness. Thank God, Ida had her panic button around her neck when she stepped into that hole.
     “Mitch is really beating himself up over the whole thing, especially this nursing home decision. He’d like to move her in with us, but with all the bedrooms on the second floor, it’s just too dangerous. All we need is for her to take a header down the stairs. I can just see DHS stepping in and taking all the decisions out of our hands. I’m just glad we found a home that could take her on such short notice.”
     “Is it nice?”
     “Callie, it’s perfect. God really worked it out for us, and her. She’ll have a private room in the assisted living wing. We’ll be moving her own bedroom furniture over there. The room has a sliding patio door that goes out to a fenced courtyard. She can sit outside as often as she likes, and once her leg has healed, she can still have the plants she loves so much.”
     “Well, at least she’s settled for now.”
     “I wish.  All she talks about is coming back home just as soon as the cast is off her ankle.  Mitch has tried to tell her that she won’t be moving back in here.  She won’t even discuss it with him. As heavy as she is, she’s looking at months of therapy before she can walk again.  There’s just no way she can live by herself anymore.”
     Callie sipped her milkshake, the remnants of the treat rattled in her straw.  “Don’t make yourself sick over it, Karla.  She’s Mitch’s mother.  He’s going to have to do the convincing.”
     “I know. All things considered, cleaning up this place and sorting through fifty years of Ida’s life is probably the easier job.  Thanks, by the way.”
     “Not a problem. I don’t mind helping.”
     Karla grinned.  “You say that now, but I don’t think you get it.  Ida has lived in this house for fifty years. I don’t think she’s thrown a single thing away in all those years.”
     Callie crumpled up her trash and stuffed it in the bag. “Better get to it, then.”
     Karla followed suit and tossed the balled up sack towards the trash can. She missed. “Leave it.” She stood, wiped her hands, and picked up a stray fry from the table. “Maybe this will entice the little beast out from under the bed.” Armed for the battle she headed back down the hall.
     Laughter urged Callie to follow. She found her friend sitting on the bed, tears of mirth rolling down her face.
     Karla pointed to the carrier. Reddy lay in the corner, curled into a tight ball of fur, sound asleep.She wiped her streaming eyes. “Maybe there’s hope for this whole situation after all.

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