Happy Birthday Pam

Pam is celebrating a birthday on Oct. 12th. In recognition of her special day I'll be giving away a copy of Cynthia Ruchti's They Almost Always Come Home. Terri reviewed this book for everyone last month.

How do you qualify to win?  Visit the blog and leave a comment on either the story or about something on one of the ladies pages between today and the 16th.

And since we are all learning together. If you want to commemt, look at the bottom of this post where it lists the number of comments. The word "comments" is the link, click on that and it will open a dialog box for you.
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Here's a couple of questions to get a dialog started.

In our first story Callie was frustrated with Benton for over-riding her vacation plans. Has your spouse ever made plans you initially didn't want to participate in, but you enjoyed once you did?

Terri bought a wedding dress and she dosen't even have a steady guy. Some would call her foolish, but she's following her dream. Whats the most foolish thing you've ever done to follow your own dream?

I'll announce a winner next week. Good luck!!


  1. Happy birthday to Pam! Your blog is a lot of fun and who wouldn't want to win that great book!

  2. Thanks, Linda! You're a blessing. This is a fun blog, isn't it?

  3. Cynthia is a treasure, and a neighbor of mine...of sorts. She lives in the next state over! :)

  4. Love the story--of course I share the heroine's name.
    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Oh, forgot to answer the question: most foolish thing I've done to follow my dream...hmmm not sure I done anything foolish but one year when I wanted to attend a writers conference and we had no money I took on two extra jobs to raise the money. By the time the conference rolled around I was exhausted. But it was still a great conference.

  6. Happy Birthday, Pam. Sharon, your blog is quite attractive. Thanks for the contest; would love to win the book.

  7. Happy birthday, Pam.
    I moved from KY to GA with my 3 year old son to attend pharmacy school. It worked out though and I loved UGA and am a big football fan now.
    Thanks for the contest, and I hope you all have a great week!

  8. Happy birthday Pam. Hope all your dreams come true. Great blog.