The scent of roses perfumed the air. The flickering light from the candles softened the familiar lines of the sanctuary, rendering it intimate and romantic. No one would have guessed today was the result of less than a month of non-stop activity for Callie and her friends. 
Sister Gordon had mentioned, in passing, that she’d never had the chance to enjoy the sort of traditional wedding she’d dreamed of as a young girl. That was all Callie needed to hear. Seven quick phone calls later, three to her friends and four to Elizabeth’s children, and the wedding plans had begun.
Callie chewed her lip and considered Karla’s question.  Was it possible that Benton had mentioned Cozumel when her mind had been on other things? 
The wedding march started. From his place at the front of the stage, Benjamin motioned for everyone to stand.  Hannah proceeded up the aisle on the arm of her bother Aaron. Once they reached the front, they separated, Aaron to the left, taking his place next to his father, Hannah to the right. The music changed and Elizabeth started up the aisle on the arm of her beaming son. The dress she’d called frivolous and un-necessary shimmered in the shifting candle light. She held her bouquet of pastel colored roses at her waist like a shield.  At seventy-three she was still a lovely woman. Tonight she was a radiant bride. Callie stole a look at the groom and her eyes filled at the expression of love on his weathered face. Obviously fifty years together hadn’t dimmed the emotions that burned between these two precious people.
Callie’s attention shifted to the aggravating man at her side. She compared the sandy Cozumel beach and fourteen lazy days with Benton to the crowd and rushed itinerary of a cruise.  There were things she wanted to show him. The view from the lighthouse on the south end of the island, the turquoise blue waves throwing themselves against the shoreline, and snorkeling. Maybe they could take the ferry across to the mainland one day and spend a few hours at Xel-Ha. Then there was the shopping. The town square across from the ferry pier always amazed her with its color and variety. Maybe Benton hadn’t been hasty after all.
“I do.”
The words drew Callie’s attention back to the flower strewn stage where Jacob had just given his mother to his father.  She watched as he kissed her on the cheek, placed her hand in the groom’s, and stepped aside.
Callie wiped her eyes and reached for Benton’s hand. “I love you.”
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  1. I found it again!!! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your reviews. It gives me a chance to meet the authors and see what they are writing about. Can't wait to read this one.