My name is Sharon Srock and I am an unpublished writer.
Writer? Me? That’s scary.  Let me look at that again.
My name is Sharon Srock and I am an unpublished writer.
Not much more believable the second time.
Oh well.
My name is Sharon Srock and I am an unpublished writer, trying hard to get “un” erased from my bio.
As scary as that public admission is, I have another one.
I hear voices.
Voices…in my head…every day. At first I thought it was approaching senility. I’ll celebrate my 55th birthday next month. Believing in senility was easier than believing in the voices.
Then it got worse.
One day the voices began to develop individual personalities. They started whispering their stories in my ears and insisting I write them down. The voices can be VERY persistent and pushy.
Guess what? The voices all live in the same little town. A small place called Garfield, OK.  I haven’t been able to locate Garfield on any map, but the Garfield Dwellers (sounds less spooky than “voices”) assure me that if you pick just about any small town in Oklahoma, you’ll recognize Garfield. Single street downtown, friendly people, a church on just about every corner.
Speaking of churches. The Dwellers all go to the same church in this little town, Valley View Church. There’s a group of ladies in that church, I call them the Women of Valley View, who live amazing lives. They’re just ordinary women. They have kids and grand kids. They have jobs, teach Sunday school, and fight with their spouses. And they use their faith to accomplish extraordinary things. I’d admit to liking them if they were the least bit real.
These ladies, it’s not enough that I’ve written down some of their stories, that I’m doing everything humanly possible to get them published, now these women want a blog.
I’ve tried to convince them that blogs are for REAL people, but they aren’t buying it. And, yes, this means that in addition to hearing the voices, I’m talking to them. Their offer of compromise is to allow me to blog about myself, on their site, when I have something interesting to say. Since the only thing interesting happening in my life, besides the voices, is my yearly vacation, you probably won’t hear from me very often.
So, since my next vacation is several months away, unless the men in the white jackets arrange for one sooner, I’ve decided to introduce the Women of Valley View to the world. It is, after all, what God called me to do twenty five years ago. (But that’s a scary story for another day.)
I hope you enjoy my characters as much as I do. Please share this page with your friends. More importantly, please join me in prayer that God will have his way with the stories, here, and the ones waiting to be published.
If your memory is better than mine, you can check back next week for our first visit to Garfield. If you don’t trust your memory, please go to Face Book and “like” my fan page (Sharon Srock) or leave your email address in the block on the first page of this blog. That way, you’ll get the posts automatically.
The journey begins…


  1. Hi Sharon. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm fairly new to it myself (started blogging in May of this year). It will be an interesting journey.

    What a pretty page you have set up, and your post is very clever. I look forward to reading more about your ladies.

    If you get a chance, I'd love it if you stopped by my blog. Right now I'm reviewing a book about audacious faith - sounds like something your ladies would read. :)

    Good luck with this. See you around the loop! :)

  2. Hooray! Another woman over 50 who is starting a new career! Welcome to the "club," Sharon! I like your blog, it looks great. :)

  3. Hi Sharon. Super new blog on the block, well done! I look forward to meeting your characters and also hearing the story of how God called you to write their stories.

  4. hey girl, you did good. Can't wait to see what all you have to say.

  5. Good for you! It's nice to meet a new kid on the block. If you're at ACFW this year and see me say hi. :)

  6. Hi Sharon! Looking forward to hearing what the Women of Valley View have to say. :) Congratulations on getting up an running!

  7. So funny! The voices
    I don't usually go to many blogs - glad I came to yours. I am the same age! Down to the month of birth! Also unpubbed (so far) and will be done home educating in 3 yrs. -- looking for my next big thing!
    Susan Karsten (AFCW member)

  8. Uh oh, a male crasher of this sorrority!

    Great blog. Thanks for passing it along.


  9. LOL Glad I'm not the only one with a looney bin in my head! LMBO!!!