Benton ran a finger around the collar of his new shirt, trying for just a centimeter of extra space between his neck and the starched fabric. He looked up when Mitch gave a low whistle.
“That was ugly.”
“Hum?” Benton frowned.
“You better be glad you’re facing this way, Bud. Callie just served you a look hot enough to toast your soul.”
“Crispy,” Harrison Jones agreed. “So what did you do this time?”
Benton shook his head. His response more than a little confused. “I booked a vacation for our anniversary.”
“And for this you’re getting the look?” Mitch asked, sounding almost as puzzled as his friend. “I thought that particular female weapon was reserved for when we forgot special dates.”
“Yeah well, apparently it has multiple uses,” Benton cautioned them. “You know how our wives always tell us we don’t pay attention to what they say?”
The other two men nodded.
“This time I’m in trouble for listening.”
“Do tell,” Mitch encouraged.
“Where is Callie’s favorite vacation spot?”
“Cozumel,” Harrison and Mitch answered in unison.
Benton held his hands out in surrender. “See? Even you guys know that. A few days ago, one of my customers was complaining that they’d put a deposit on a Cozumel vacation. Two weeks on the beach. They were upset because their plans had suddenly changed and now they were out the non-refundable $1000.00 deposit.”
The lines around Harrison’s eye’s deepened in a frown. “Ouch.”
“That was my first thought. Then I remembered all the times Callie has begged me to take this trip with her. I told the guy I might be interested in bailing him out.” Benton shrugged. “I’ll admit, she did have fourteen lists scattered on the table in front of her when I mentioned Cozumel, and we had discussed an Alaskan cruise. But in my defense,” he paused when Harrison laughed out loud.
 “You’re a lawyer,” Benton grumbled, “pay attention. In my defense,” he continued, “she looked at me and I know she heard me. I thought she agreed.”
Harrison shook his head. “You thought? You booked a vacation, different from the one you’d already discussed on a thought? Without Callie’s direct consent?” He clapped Benton on the shoulder.  “You better pray for an all male jury.”
Benton hung his head and shuffled through the auditorium doors to join the women. He wasn’t sure, at this point, which was worse, wives or friends.
To be continued...

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